Lesson: English/Language Arts 101

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Lesson Objective

Students will be able to identify the 3 types of literature. Students will understand that 5 components of Language Arts

Lesson Plan

Do Now:
Students complete this sentence....
"After I've graduated from college and begin my career, english will be important to me because....."
Please respond with at least 3 complete sentences.

(Allow students 5 minutes to write their thoughts.  Have 3 -4 students share out to see what the responses are)

Teacher explains that today we are going to learn what English and Literature are and their importance in socieity.  This will be done by viewing two PowerPoints that will define those terms.  Then students will create a brochure highlighting the importance of English and Literature in their future career.  Teacher will select 6 -8 students to present.

Direct Instruction:
Teacher will show the students the two PowerPoint Presentations titled: What is English and What is Literature?  The PowerPoint is very simple and teachers should feel free to provide aditional information while presenting the PowerPoints. 

(I suggest providing students copies of the PowerPoint so that they can take notes;)

Guided Practice:
Teacher will ask students to tell him/her one thing they learned that they didn't know before about English and Literature.
Teacher will now review by asking the following questions:
  • English is the study of what four things?
  • Define composition?
  • What are the 3 major genres of literature?
Teacher will initiate a conversation about how English and Literature effects all careers. 

(teacher is looking for students to have a discussion about the importance English/Reading in their future. teacher should guide students to understand that english helps with reading, communication, understanding people and writing effective correspondence. this should be a brief 3 -5 minute conversation)

Teacher will assign students to read the article "How Reading Can Improve Your Career." Students will use the article for their activity

students can read the article individually or as a class.  once article is read teach should lead another 7 - 10 minute conversation about the article and the purpose)

Independent Practice:

Students will create a tri-fold brochure promoting academic sucess in English - telling other students why reading is important to their future. 6 - 8 students will share their brochure and reasons with the class.

Exit Slip: Take a look at your Do Now response. Has your answer changed? If so how? 

Lesson Resources

What is English   Smart Board
What is Literature.ppt  
How reading Can Improve Your Career   Classwork


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