Lesson: Vocabulary - Chapters 19-27

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Lesson Objective

Students will identify and use key vocabulary from the text using context clues.

Lesson Plan

Hide and Seek Vocabulary!

Objective: Students will identify and use key vocabulary from the text using context clues.


  1. Choose challenging vocabulary words from “The Secret Zoo” (see attached word list).
  2. Make vocabulary/context word cards on index cards.
    1. CARD 1 – Word card – word from the word list
    2. CARD 2 – Context card – the word in the context of the book, direct quotation from “The Secret Zoo”
  3. Before students enter the room; hide new vocabulary word cards around the room.


OPENING:  Ask students if they have ever been challenged with unfamiliar vocabulary. Perhaps they couldn't finish an assignment or chose another library book because the vocabulary words were too difficult. Encourage students to share their experiences.


Direct Instruction:

  • Tell students that you have hidden vocabulary cards and context cards around the room.
  • Students will have to find the cards when it is time.
  • Explain that the class will use the vocabulary word/context cards to help them read “The Secret Zoo” with better fluency and understanding.
  • Hold up and read each vocabulary word card aloud. Have the class repeat each word after you pronounce it.  Go through this a couple times for fluency.

Guided Practice:

  • Give students five minutes to find ONE word card and ONE context card.
  • Once they have found there cards, students should sit down to signal they are done searching.
  • Once everyone is sitting, instruct students to find the person with the other half of their  FIRST card
    • Word finds Context
    • Context finds Word
  • Students will become experts on their word and teach the other students in the class what their word means.
    • What is the word?
    • What is the context the word is used?
    • What context clue (reference the anchor chart posted in the room) did the author use?
    • What is the definition of the word you found?
    • Use it in a sentence.
  • Students will have their own vocabulary word cards when they are done. (see attached template)
  • Repeat this with the rest of the words.
  • After first round of words is done, allow students to find the other half of their SECOND cards
  • Repeat the same procedure for this second round of vocabulary words.
  • Distribute activity materials (3 x 5 index cards, colored pencils, hole punches, 1 inch loose-leaf rings).
  • Model making a word card for one of the new vocabulary words. Make sure students understand that the word should be written on the lined side of the index card and an illustration for definition recall will be on the other side of the card. Be sure they punch a hole in the upper left corner for the loose- leaf ring. (Post your sample for student reference.)

Independent Practice:
ONGOING PRACTICE, independent practice can be done in association with a DO NOW or HOMEWORK.

  • Have each student make a set of 10 cards.
  • Students choose partners and “quiz” each other on new vocabulary.
  • Monitor and assist students as necessary, making sure everyone has the opportunity to complete the activity.
  • Partners use the word cards daily, 5-7 minutes during the DO NOW.
  • Students will informally be assessing each other.  (see attached file)


·        Vocabulary word cards (to be teacher prepared and hidden around the room)

·        Colored pencils

·        Index cards 3 x 5 (each student will need one card for each vocabulary word introduced)

·        Single hole punches

·        Rings to keep word cards together.


Lesson Resources

Vocabulary 19 27   Vocabulary
Lesson 30 Student word card template   Exemplar
Lesson 30 Peer vocab assessment   Assessment
Lesson 30 Hide and Seek Vocab    Lesson Plan


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