Lesson: Character Traits

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Lesson Objective

Students will describe a character based on his/her character traits. This lesson uses the book: Soccer with Dad from Townsend Press: http://www.townsendpress.com/cart/KingSeriesProduct.aspx?id=170

Lesson Plan

The following is an EATS Lesson Plan: Essential Question, Activating Strategy, Teach, and Summarize.  This lesson plan is designed to utilize with a small group, but may be used during whole group instruction. 

Essential Question – How can I use story clues to help me identify a character's traits?

Activating Strategy

- Word Splashes – have students work with elbow buddy to discuss answer options

  • Write the word “teacher” on the board – ask students how they would describe a teacher – record their responses on the word splash
  • Write the word “doctor” on the board – ask students how they would describe a teacher – record their responses on the word splash

- Explain to students that the author shows the character's traits through the character's thoughts, feelings, and actions.


-  Review vocabulary words – goal, cheered, screamed, voice

  • Play "Password"– Use powerpoint with vocabulary words.  Have one student sit in a chair in front of the board (so they are unable to see the words behind them) Allow rest of class to give clues to help student in chair guess the word.  

-  Choral Read the story, "Soccer with Dad" by Beth Johnson (King Series)

-  Stop periodically for questioning

  • Page 2 – Where did the story take place?, Who are the characters in the story?, Why do you think Kendra wanted the Tigers to win?
  • Page 4 – Why did she shout?
  • Page 6 – Why do you think Kendra yelled out at the team even though they lost the ball?
  • Page 10 – Do you the Tigers are going to win? How do you think Kendra would feel is the team won?  How do you think Kendra would feel if the team lost?
  • Page 12 – Why did Kendra continue screaming over and over again?  How do you think Kendra and her father felt when the Tigers won?
  • Page 16 – What caused Kendra to lose her voice?

-  Complete a character traits chart on Kendra – Whole Group

  • Display a character trait chart on the smartboard/overhead
  • Discuss Kendra’s personality and determine a trait that describes her.  Record it on the character trait chart.
  • Have students use Wikki Stix to locate clues in the story that they used to determine a trait of Kendra
  • One by one have students share clues they found that describe Kendra’s personality
  • Record student responses for clues on the character trait chart


-  Display the following passage on the board.  Read the passage aloud.  On an index card, have students write 1 sentence telling a trait to describe the character and a clue that explains why that traits fits the character.  (If needed, you could give your students the following frame to help them create their own sentences: He is ___ because he_________).

John got up every morning at 5 am.  First, he fed the horses and made sure they had plenty of water.  Then he cleaned the horses’ stalls.  After that he took the dogs for a walk and made sure they also had food and water.  When he finished his morning chores, he got a shower and went to work.


Lesson Resources

soccer with dad vocab password.pptx  
Soccer with Dad


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