Lesson: Sequence of Events

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Lesson Objective

Students will utilize vocabulary words such as first, next, then, and last to correctly sequence important story events. This lesson uses the book, Soccer with Dad from Townsend Press: http://www.townsendpress.com/cart/KingSeriesProduct.aspx?id=170

Lesson Plan

The following is an EATS Lesson Plan: Essential Question, Activating Strategy, Teach, and Summarize.  This lesson plan is designed to utilize with a small group, but may be used during whole group instruction.

Essential Question – How can I use story clues to help me sequence important events in a story?


- Have students make a list of steps for making a snowman

- When students are finished, have one student read their steps

- As they read each step, the teacher will draw their snowman, as they describe it on the board. Draw several student's snowmen based on their directions they give.

- Afterwards, explain to students that it is important that steps or events go in a certain order and are very specific or they don't make sense.


- Review vocabulary words – goal, cheered, screamed, voice - have students illustrate and use each word in a sentence

- Allow students to partner read the story.  Afterwards, give each partner pair a comprehension question task card where students will read the questions and discuss the answers based on what they read in the story. 

- Whole group - jigsaw questions, share answer aloud to review story comprehension

- Have students cut story event sentences and glue them in order on a piece of construction paper.  Students may refer to book if necessary. 

- Have students read story events in order to a partner, using sequencing words: first, next, then, last.


- Give students pictures to sequence into correct order and write sentences to go with each picture using sequencing words.

Lesson Resources

Soccer with Dad sequence events.docx  
Comprehension Task Cards.pdf  
soccer with dad sequencing pictures.pptx  
Soccer with Dad


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