Lesson: Retelling a Story with "Heckedy Peg" by Audrey Wood

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Lesson Objective

The student will be able to re-tell the story of Heckedy Peg with the aid of the pictures in the book.

Lesson Plan

Grade Level: Pre-K/K

Materials: Copy of book Heckedy Peg, by Audrey Wood


Objectives: The student will be able to re-tell the story of Heckedy Peg with the aid of the pictures in the book.

Related SOL’s: English K.8b - The student will retell familiar stories, using beginning, middle, and end.


Essential Vocabulary: first, next, last, second, third, beginning, middle, end

Assessment: Notes taken through observation

Learner Considerations: Allow students to hear others retell and to give multiple retellings as needed.

Representation: Pictures

Engagement: Partner Work

Expression: Oral Response

Cultural Considerations: Heckedy Peg is considered an “American Fairy Tale,” and can be introduced as such, especially if being taught in another place.


Beginning (Connection):

 “Yesterday we learned how to use pictures to help us comprehend, or understand, a story. Today, we’re going to show that we understand a story by re-telling it in our own words.”


Middle (Teaching):

“I’m going to read the story Heckedy Peg by Audrey Wood. I’ll stop during the story so we can remember what just happened and talk about it. This way, when we are ready to re-tell the story, we’ll already have had some practice. We will also use the pictures to help us get all of the events in the correct order. Thumbs up if you are ready to listen to the story and talk about it with me.”

Begin reading the story. Read page 2-6. “How did the story begin? What was the first thing that just happened?” (Student Answer) Continue through the story stopping at pages 8, 11, 15, 17, 21, 27, and 30, or as appropriate at the group’s level. Ask the students to tell the recent part of the story. Use vocabulary in context.

Active Engagement: After you finished the book, tell students that it is time the re-tell. Show students the first few pictures. “Turn to your elbow buddy and see if you can tell your buddy what happened at the beginning of the story.” Solicit students to re-tell. Repeat for the other parts of the book. When you reach the end of the book, have the students turn to their partners and tell their partners the whole story, or as much of it as they can remember.


End (Crystallize):

“Wow! Good work, class. Stopping to talk about the story while you were reading and using the pictures really helped you remember the order of events in the story. Remember, from now on you can stop and talk about the story for any book you read, not just Heckedy Peg. Talking about the book and looking at the pictures will help you remember the story.” Have students give thumbs up if they think they can talk about book events and look at pictures, or have students give ideas about other stories they can use this technique on.

Follow-up:  Ideally, have several copies for students that students can choose to look at during the school day. Repeat the read-aloud at a later point in the week.

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