Lesson: Grammar Basic Training

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Lesson Objective

Students will review and master basic grammar and rules of writing.

Lesson Plan

This can be a short unit where 1-2 skills are covered each day, only for the duration of this unit. Or, you can space this out across a semester or more and provide more instruction and practice. This is meant to review grammar students have been taught, but may not have mastered. They are encouraged to advance through the levels of mastery (divided by level of critical thinking required in application of rules) as efficiently as they are able. You can maintain a posted list of current levels or a checklist with each student's name, or, for less personal disclosure, you can post the percentage of the class at each level as the unit moves along. I propose the following routine for the remaining days of the unit. 


Begin the class with a read-aloud of the book, stopping to discuss and demonstrate whenever applicable. Follow whatever reading modalities suit your class. 

Ask 3 students to either summarize, name the most interesting point, or pose a question regarding what was read that day. 

Play the Grammar Basic Training theme song! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ghxnKDBadSk&NR=1

Introduce the grammar topic of the day and explain why it is important, and how it contributes to clarity in writing.

Begin with a transparency of the relevant worksheet, explaining and modeling.

Gradually release students to practice independently or with partners.

Have students switch and correct each other's worksheet. 

When a student is confident in their understanding of the grammar topic, give them one half-page assessment paragraph. Have them locate and correct the relevant errors and turn in their answers. Use the teacher key to see that they have 5/5 correct. When they have 5/5 correct, they can be marked as having mastered that grammar skill and are ready to move to the next one. 

Allow the first student to master each skill to create a poster for the classroom wall/cieling that reminds students of the rule. These will be there for semi-conscious memorization throughout the semester/year. 


The worksheets for this unit were created by Damali Hicks, whose excellent resources are all available here: http://betterlesson.com/unit/23362/grammar . Download the worksheets that correspond to each skill enumerated on the Levels of Grammar Greatness file. 

The text in the assessments was adapted from free samples at http://www.123helpme.com/search.asp?text=Smoking . The theme was merely a matter of convenience, but the anti-smoking messages seems a free bonus! 

There are two assessments for each skill, so that students can have an opportunity to retake each one, and also so that teachers can intersperse versions to prevent cheating. There are 5 errors of each type in each assessment, and they are highlighted in blue text in the teacher key version of the file.


What is a gracula? Well, mostly I needed another word. But also! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T4_uJUlfx58 

Lesson Resources

Assessment Paragraphs-Grammar.pdf  
Assessment Paragraphs-Grammar.docx  
Student Paragraphs-Grammar.pdf  
Student Paragraphs-Grammar.docx  
Levels of Greatness.pdf  
Levels of Greatness.docx  


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