Lesson: Context Clues

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Lesson Objective

Students will use context clues to find the meaning of words and/or phrases in the text.

Lesson Plan

The Bully (Bluford Series) by Anne Schraff

Context Clues


Learning Objectives: 

Students will use context clues to find the meaning of words and/or phrases in the text. 



EL.04.RE.11 Determine meanings of words using contextual and structural clues.

EL.04.RE.12 Distinguish and interpret words with multiple meanings (i.e., quarter) by using context clues.



The Bully by Anne Schraff


Using Context Clues Worksheet



Explain that the first way to figure out the meaning of a word is from its context. The context is the other words and sentences that are around the new word. When you figure out the meaning of a word from context, you are making a guess about what the word means. To do this, you use the hints and clues of the other words and sentences. You won't always be right, but many times you will be. You might not be able to guess the exact meaning of a word, but you may be close enough to get the meaning of the sentence it is in. A basic strategy for unlocking the meaning of an unfamiliar word is to search the context of the sentence in which a new word appears for clues. Sometimes this can be easy to do because the author may have provided a definition or a synonym right there next to or near a term that you can use to unlock its meaning.



Begin this lesson at the beginning of the book and continue periodically as you come across unfamiliar words.  When you come across the first unfamiliar word do a sample problem together.  If needed, continue with another sample if you feel the kids do not understand the concept of using context clues.  Check for understanding often. 



As always, check often for understanding.  Use the Context Clues worksheet.  Half way through the story, ask the kids to turn in their papers.  Hand the papers back the following day after checking them.  If you notice mistakes discuss them in class.  Have the kids complete the paper and turn in once the story is over. 


Lesson Resources

Context Clues Lesson
Context Clues Worksheet
Bluford Context Clues.doc  
The Bully Context Clues Worksheet.doc  
The Bully


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