Lesson: Making Connections

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Lesson Objective

Students will understand that making connections helps them comprehend what they are reading. They must also know the difference between text to self, text to text, and text to world.

Lesson Plan

The Bully (Bluford Series) by Anne Schraff

Making Connections


Learning Objectives: 

Students will use a basic reading strategy of making connections with the literature they are reading to help them better understand the text.



EL.04.RE.04 Make connections to text, within text, and among texts across the subject areas.



The Bully by Anne Schraff


Making Connections Worksheet



Explain the to become a better reader it helps if you can identify with what you are reading in the text.  If you have connections with a story you will often remember more, therefore you will have better comprehension skills.  Use the Connections Worksheet to talk about the different kinds of connections people have to books they are reading.


Text to Self:  Connections that remind you of a life experience you have had.


Text to Text:  Parts in the story that remind you of another book or reading passage you have read.


Text to World:  This is a way of looking through other peoples eyes and seeing what they may be going through. 



Begin reading the first chapter of The Bully.  AS the kids read aloud in class one by one I will model on the document camera what they are supposed to be doing.  I will have my Post-Its and will be writing down connections I have to the text. 


For example, the text in the first chapter says: 

In just a few hours, he would leave the only neighborhood he had ever known in his fifteen years.  Soon his street, his school, and everything he has ever known would be thousands of miles away.  Thinking about what was ahead of him, Darrell felt like a man going to his own hanging. 


I am writing on my Post-It during this time a connection I have to the story.  My connection is:  “I remember the time I moved when I was in fourth grade.  I was terrified of leaving my friends and the only home I had ever known.  When I got to Alaska, I ended up making friends pretty quickly, but the first day of school was so scary!


Continue to model different connections as you read the first chapter.  Your students should also be writing connections down as they are reading.  They may stick the connections they write down on their worksheet.


After reading the first chapter have each student read one of their connections.  He or she must then be able to tell you what type of connection they made (text to self, text to world, text to text). 



Continue this same pattern when reading Chapter 2 aloud.  This time when Chapter 2 concludes have each student put at least 2 Post-Its (with their name on them) on the whiteboard in the correct column.  You must already have a chart made on the board with the text to self, text to text and text to world headings on it.  To assess each student, make sure they have complete connections that are deep enough.  Also make sure they know the correct column to put their Post-It. 


Read the third chapter either today or tomorrow.  This time have each student stick their Post-Its with their connections written on them onto the worksheet in the correct column.  They must have at least one connection for each column. 























Lesson Resources

Making Connections
Bluford The Bully
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The Bully


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