Lesson: Fairy Tales & Fables: Moral of the Story

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Lesson Objective

5.LT-T.3. Identify the theme (moral, lesson, meaning, message, view or comment on life) of a literary selection.

Lesson Plan



State Standard:

5.LT-T.3. Identify the theme (moral, lesson, meaning, message, view or comment on life) of a literary selection.



Students will know and be able to determine the moral of a story


Do Now

Respond to the following quote in journal. Remember to record what the quote means and your first thoughts.


“Life is a serious of test. If we study hard and listen, we will pass with flying colors”-Anonymous.



What are some lessons you have learned in life? Could you write a story about your life? What would you want people to learn from your experiences?

Direct Instruction



T: Good readers think about important themes or the moral of a story as they read. Define moral as what the story is trying to teach you. How the story might help you become a better person.  Readers can identify the moral of the story by thinking about all the characters, setting and events in the story to figure out what the author most wants us to learn and remember from the story. We can use our background knowledge and story elements to make an inference about the moral. We can ask what does the author want the reader to take away (learn) from the story? How does the story help you become a better person.  Review a previously read fairy tale or fable. Talk about how characters changed in a story? What they learned?  Tell students that writers sometimes write stories to teach us a lesson.  What lesson would a reader learn from this story. (ex. Cinderella it is better to be kind then mean like the step sisters because kindness always wins in the end. Or 3 Little Pigs-It is better to take your time and build something strong and sturdy then to make something quick and sloppy).



Guided Practice

Have students select a previously read fairy tale or fable. Have student’s record story title and moral on a post it notes. Add post-it to an anchor chart.

Independent Practice

Have students practice finding the moral of one of the following stories:



Then allow students to choose from a selection of morals and have them create a short story to match the moral. They can then compare their story to that of the original story ( ex. Little friends may prove great friends from the Lion & the Mouse Aseops Fable)


Share students story and the importance of recognizing the moral of the story.




Student stories.

Lesson Resources

Aesops Fables


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