Lesson: Problem & Solution

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Lesson Objective

Students will be able to identify and analyze the problem and solution in a fictional text.

Lesson Plan



State Standard:

5.LT-F.5. Identify the plot and its components (e.g., main events, conflict, resolution).





Students will be able to identify and analyze the problem and solution in a fictional text.


Do Now

In your journal: Write down a fictional story that you recently read. What was the problem? How did the characters solve the problem?



Discuss Do Now.


Direct Instruction

Lesson taken from Interactive Read Aloud’s by Linda Hoyt


Knowing the structure, or way a story is “constructed,” helps you better remember and understand what you read. A story is usually set in motion when characters are presented with a problem or problems that they must solve. As we read Jumanji, you are going to notice that characters face different problems. We’ll look for the solutions to those problems and think about how those problems and solutions form the structure of the story.


T: Read through to the part “Lying on the piano was a lion, staring at Peter and licking his lips.” Until this part of the story, nothing excited has happened. The kids were bored and found a game. Peter was bored with that game too.  Now they have a real problem. There is a lion on the piano. How will they solve this problem? What does the game have to do with it?


Guided Practice

Continue reading and discuss together the problems and how the children solve the problems.  Model how to complete problem/solution graphic organizer


Independent Practice

have students analyze the problem/solution in their own story. They will used the graphic organizer.



Discuss how problem/solution help us understand the structure of a story. Discuss why it is important to analyze problem and solution.



Graphic organizer


Lesson Resources

Problem & Solution graphicorg pdfs problemdiagram  


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