Lesson: Somebody Wanted But So

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Lesson Objective

SStudents will know and be able to determine how characters solve the problem in a story.

Lesson Plan



State Standard:

5.LT-F.5. Identify the plot and its components (e.g., main events, conflict, resolution).



Students will know and be able to determine how characters solve in a story.


Do Now

Respond to the following quote in journal. Remember to record what the quote means and your first thoughts.


“Everybody has problems. It’s how they solve the problems that determine the kind of human beings they truly are”-Anonymous.



Have you ever had trouble keep track of a problem in a story? 


Direct Instruction



T: Readers we know that in every fiction story there is a problem.   Sometimes its hard to figure out that problem. Sometimes more than one character has a problem or there are different solutions, etc. We can figure out the problem in the story by thinking about who wanted something but couldn’t get it. Today, we are going to use a graphic organizer to identify and track the problem and solution in a story. 


Model using the Somebody Wanted But So Graphic Organizer. Model how you find the problem in the beginning of the story (the inner voice, inference and author clues that clues this is a problem). Once you notice the problem, model for students that shows why this problem is serious. Then notice how the problem is solved. Who solves it? What actions they take? What character traits helped them solve the problem?



Guided Practice

Continue modeling and allow students to turn and talk to add to the graphic organizer


Independent Practice

Students use graphic organizer to analyze their independent reading text.



Discuss students organizer



Assess character change graphic organizer.  Have students write a summary of how the problem in their story.


Lesson Resources

SBWBT Graphic Organizer   Assessment


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