Lesson: Characters Change

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Lesson Objective

Students will know and be able to explain how and why characters change in a story.

Lesson Plan



State Standard:

5.LT-F.4. Describe the relationships between major and minor characters; analyze how a character's traits influence that character's actions.

5.LT-C.1. Relate the events and characters in a literary work to information about its setting (e.g., The Remarkable Journey of Prince Jen and information about China's T'ang dynasty).





Students will know and be able to explain how and why characters change in a story.


In your journal discuss a time when you were friends with someone that you felt changed their personality. What was their personality like before they changed?What about after? Why do you think they changed? Was the change good or bad?



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Direct Instruction


Great Text to Model Character Change:


Chrysanthemum  by Henkes

“A Bad Road for Cats” in Every Living Thing by Rylant

Oliver Button is a Sissy by De Palo

T: Readers we know that characters have traits (personality type).  However, these traits are often not static (staying the same). They change. They are called dynamic characters. Often people change depending on their setting or experiences.


T: Even as a person I change my personality depending on setting. Provide students an example from your personal life. 

 Example: I am friendly. When I meet people, I smile and I greet people. However, when I was in Mexico, I was not outgoing. I was nervous because I was in a strange place. I was shy. So when I feel safe and when I am out with friends I am outgoing but when I am not around friends or feel unsafe, I become shy.


Have students turn and talk and  share when their personality might change and why.


T: Today readers we are going to notice when our characters change in our story and why. As you read model  aloud identifying the initial character trait and how it changed depending on the setting.  Model or visualizations, questions and thoughts.


Guided Practice

Continue modeling and allow students to turn and talk to discuss character change. Complete the character change graphic organizer.


Independent Practice

Have students complete analyze a character in the text they are reading and complete the character change graphic organizer.



Discuss students character analysis



Assess character change graphic organizer.  Have students write a summary of how their character changed throughout the story.


Lesson Resources

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