Lesson: Sensory Images

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Lesson Objective

Students will know and be able to identify the use of sensory images in a text or poem.

Lesson Plan



State Standard:

5.LT-S.9. Identify and draw conclusions about the author's use of sensory details, imagery, and figurative language.




Students will know and be able to identify the use of sensory images in a text or poem. 


Do Now

Name your five senses. How do you use them everyday?



Introduced with attached power point (www.easyliteracy.com/mentalimages.ppt)


Direct Instruction

Good readers create sensory images while reading a book. Authors uses sensory images that can encompass one or more of our five senses. They use sensory images to help us create mind movies and make inferences. When readers create these sensory images in their minds, it helps them understand and enjoy their story more. 


Make an anchor chart of our fives sense.


Read  the first two pages Night in the Country by Cynthia Rylant. Tell students that you are focusing on the sensory images. The movies you create in your mind.   Let’s think: What do we visualize from these first two pages? What can we smell?taste?hear?touch? 


T: Model thinking while completing graphic organizer.


Guided Practice

Distribute graphic organizer. Continue to read the remainder of the text. Turn and talk about the sensory images you notice in the story.  When you get to page 8. Have students close their eyes while you read. Then after several pages. Have them open their eyes and not talk. Have them sketch  or write on their own graphic organizer.


Independent Practice

Students will use sensory images while reading their own text. They will use their graphic organizer to keep track of strategy use. 


Discuss students use of strategy. Remind students how paying attention to sensory details helps us dig deeper into the story.


See attached poetry activities. 



Lesson Resources

rw five senses graphic organizer   Assessment
rw visualizing using poems   Assessment
rw visualizing poem toyou  
mentalimages 1  


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