Lesson: Purpose & Approach

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Lesson Objective

Students will know and be able to determine author’s purpose and then decide how to approach the reading.

Lesson Plan



State Standard:

5.IT-E.1. Identify the author’s purpose and summarize the critical details of expository text, maintaining chronological or logical order.





This lesson is taken from : Interactive Read Aloud’s by Linda Hoyt.


Students will know and be able to determine author’s purpose and then decide how to approach the reading.

Do Now

To which genre do the following text belong? How do you know?


Joyful Noise: A book of poetry, Alexander and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day, The Butterfly



T: Purpose is really important in reading. Authors have a purpose for each text they write. They may want to inform, entertain or persuade. You select books based on a purpose too. You might read to enjoy, for fun, or to learn something. We may want to read books that are both enjoyable and teach us something. We select books that match our purpose. Once we select the text, we think about how best to read the text.

Direct Instruction

Perform the poem “Grasshoppers” from a joyful noise. Model how you think about the author’s purpose and your purpose for reading the poem. Read the poem again and discuss how your purpose for re-reading was to gain meaning, visualize etc.


Guided Practice

Read a few pages of Alexander and the Terrible Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day. Have students think about the author’s purpose and share their thoughts. Compare Viorst purpose to that of Fleischman.  Ask what would your purpose be for reading this book. Repeat with Butterfly, your local newspaper, brochure, map, etc.  


Guide students to reflect on purpose and approach.


Independent Practice

Provide students a random selection of materials Have them discuss the purpose for reading each selection and how they would approach the reading (ex. rereading, scanning, visualizing, graphic organizer etc.).



Summarize how understanding author’s purpose helps you approach reading a text. 


  1. If you wanted to learn how to ride a book, which would you most likely select
  1. travel magazine
  2. Gulliver’s adventures on his bike
  3. Six steps to expert riding
  4. New York Times


  1. The author’s purpose in Butterfly is to 
  1. tell a story about courage and friendship
  2. teach people about butterflies
  3. teach people about World War I
  4. inform people about the politics of war



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