Lesson: LP 4: Haitian Revolution

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Lesson Objective

Students will be able to identify the conditions, beliefs, and triggering event that led to the Haitian Revolution.

Lesson Plan

  1. Organization Time (5)

·      Copy HW, Learning Outcome, and Table of Contents
Collect HW: Enlightenment Thinking Today

  1. Haitian Revolution Timeline (40)

·      Students will take lecture notes to learn the key events of the Haitian Revolution.  (PPT notes and Revolution Timeline) To do this, I show each slide and explain the information on the slide.  The first few times I do this with a class, I am very specific about what needs to be written down, then later, I let students practice note taking by making the decision themselves.  After all students have stopped writing, I move on to the next slide.  This can be a slow process, but I find that, even though students complain at first, they get very engaged in the information and learn a lot of information quickly.  It might be helpful to have a process for questions, since many come up when students start to get engaged.  I will sometimes just answer 1-2 questions per slide to keep it moving.

  1. Revolution Framework  (25)

·      Students will work in pairs to identify the conditions, beliefs, and triggering event of the Haitian Revolution in order to complete the framework chart (Haitian Revolution Framework)

·      Extension: Students who finish early, or would like a challenge, may read and highlight the reading (Haitian Revolution Overview)

  1. Begin HW (15) (Illustrated Timeline)

¥   Haitian Revolution Cartoon – students will create a cartoon that includes 6 “frames” about the History of the Haitian Revolution.  Captions must include all 6 vocab words.  Show example, if possible.

HW: Haitian Revolution “Illustrated Timeline” 
What went well?
Students were really engaged in the note taking, which surprised me at first.  This did mean, however, that they asked a lot of questions and wanted to discuss the information a lot, so it took a lot longer than I planned.
What would I do differently?
The framework still confused some students.  I came back to the simplified framework from lesson 2 later in the week, but I would start with that as a whole class during this lesson, then have students practice by breaking off and getting more specific with the detailed framework in pairs.
What needs explanation?
Having exemplars of the illustrated timeline would have been helpful (sorry I don't have any for you)!  You could make one quickly to show students what was expected .  Combined with the framework, this really helped students understand the revolution

Lesson Resources

PPT notes: Haitian Revolution Timeline   Notes
Notes: Haitian Revolution Timeline   Notes
CW: Haitian Revolution Framework   Classwork
HW: Illustrated Timeline   Homework
Reading: An Overview of the Haitian Revolution   Reading Passage


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