Lesson: Presentation Project

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Lesson Objective

Students will be able to design an anti-fast food campaign/presentation for other students in the school. They will use information and reading strategies learned from the "Chew On This" unit.

Lesson Plan

After reading "Chew On This" students are required to come up with a champaign to teach other students about the "dark side" of the fast food industry. 

Students will be split into small groups and divided based on chapters.
  1. The Pioneers - How the business got started and what it turned into.
  2. The Youngster Business - fast food industry using young kids to become popular and make money
  3. McJobs - treatment of workers
  4. The Secret of the Fries - Nasty things done to make their food popular.
  5. Stop the Pop - how soda has influenced people around the world
  6. Meat - the aweful practices and techniques of the meat industry
  7. BIG - how fast food influences the body.
  8. Your Way - alternatives to fast food

  • Students should use the same techniques that they read about in "The Youngster Business" in order to engage the students they will be presenting to.
  • Students need to provide a background history and informative presentation that highlights the information in their given chapter.
  • Students need to make some sort of handout to give to other students.
  • Present their information on a presentation board as well as come up with an oral presentation.
  • Think about presenting to various grade levels.

Lesson Resources

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