Lesson: Author's Purpose - To Inform

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Lesson Objective

Students will be able to describe the author's purpose based on evidence in the text.

Lesson Plan

Objective:  Students will be able to describe the author's purpose based on evidence in the text.

Lesson Plan: 


Do Now (5-7 minutes):  What is your favorite foods to eat for lunch?  How would you feel if our school started to only serve fast food?  Do you think that would be a good thing?  Explain.    

Opening (5 minutes): 

·         Allow students to share their answers to the DO NOW.

Authors always have a purpose for writing what they do, We have been reading all about the fast food and junk food industries and how they have influences society.  Why would an author want to write about this?  What is his purpose in doing so?

·         Have a discussion about this.

Today we are going to learn the purpose for why authors write non-fiction text.  And the answer to this question is not “Just ‘cuz”.

Direct Instruction (I DO): 

Define vocabulary before reading:  pupils, Great Depression, obese. 

Before I even start reading, I have to ask myself some questions to help me to start thinking about why the author would be writing this:

·         Did the author try to make me laugh?  

·         Did the author want to tell me a story?

·         Did the author try to amuse me?

·         Did the author give me facts?

·         Did the author try to teach me something?

Knowing the authors purpose is going to:

          prepare your mind for the type of information you are reading

          make the article easier to summarize

          make it easier for you to discriminate between the article's main idea and important details


Read pgs. 136-139 with the class.

After reading, go through the checklist (see attached file) to determine what the purpose for writing this section was.

Make sure to think out loud during this process. 

Guided Practice (WE DO):       

Use “McSchools” pgs. 132-134.  Use the Checklist and questions to help figure it out.

Stress before letting students move to Independent Practice that there will always be a question on state tests about author’s purpose.  With non-fiction, you can already knock out one answer; TO ENTERTAIN, because non-fiction will always be written to inform or persuade.

·         Explain that at the end of the book we will be talking more about persuasion. 

Independent Practice (YOU DO):

 Students choose from a selection of grade level magazine/newspaper articles and use the checklist to figure out the author’s purpose. (see attached file)

Answer the questions about the author’s purpose. 

Homework: Why is it important for us to know what the author’s purpose is?  How will knowing the author’s purpose help us become better readers?

Lesson Resources

Lesson 18DO NOW   Starter / Do Now
Lesson 18 Independent Practice   Classwork
Lesson 18 Authors Purpose Checklist   Notes
Lesson 18   Lesson Plan


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