Lesson: Supporting Answers to Questions KWL II

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Lesson Objective

Students will be able to answer their questions about a text and provide evidence for those answers.

Lesson Plan

Objective:  Students will be able to answer their questions about a text and provide evidence for those answers.

Lesson Plan: 


Do Now: What does the K and the W stand for when we are using our KWL chart?  Why are we using this chart to help us read?

Opening:  Yesterday we learned about how to start asking questions before we started reading and how important it is to do so.  Today we are going to continue with our KWL charts and actually start reading and answering those questions and providing evidence for those answers.  We have our questions, let’s get into the text and start answering them!  

Direct Instruction (I DO):

Before I can start reading, I need to take a look at my questions so I know what I should be looking for while I am reading.  This helps me to focus on certain things and not get overwhelmed by all the other information.

Read through pgs. 13-15 (the start of “The Pioneers” chapter).  During this time, if you come to a spot in the text where you have answered one of your questions, use a post-it note to document where you found it and what question you answered.

Do this for all the questions that were able to answer in that section.

After reading through the end of the section on page 15, stop and talk about how you have to record that information.

First, take the post-it notes with the question answers and record them on the KWL Chart on the smart board, white board, or chart paper.  Make sure that you note the page number.

Next, explains that there might have been some other information that you learned that weren’t part of your questions.  These facts/bits of information need to be recorded too.

Once the chart is all filled in, I want to write a small summery of what I learned from the section I read. 

Model writing this summery on chart paper, modeled after the Summery Sheet (see attached file).



Guided Practice (WE DO):  Let’s try this together and see if we can become experts in “Killer Burgers!!”

Read pages 15-18 in the text.

Using their KWL Charts from the previous day, have students follow the same steps they just saw you do. 

Stop for questions and re-explaining of the concept as they arise.

Write a short summery together of the section that was read and KWL-ed using the Summery Sheet. (see attached file)

Independent Practice (YOU DO):

Students should take their charts they did for homework and re-read the section again and fill in the L column and complete the Summery page (see attached file)

Allow students to share their summaries with the class.

Homework:  Students will read "Rotten eggs and burning poop" (pg 163-169) and "Cook it well" (pg. 192-198)

Lesson Resources

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Lesson 20KWL Summery Page   Assessment
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