Lesson: Distinguish Fact vs. Opinion.

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Lesson Objective

Students will be able to identify and note the differences between a fact statement and an opinion statement.

Lesson Plan

Objective:  Students will be able to identify and note the differences between a fact statement and an opinion statement.
Lesson Plan
DO NOW (5-7 minutes): What did you learn when reading “Rotten Eggs and Burning Poop” or “Cook it Well?” How did it make you feel? You have anything you want to say to the Food Service Industry about this?   
Non-fiction is full of facts and also, potentially full of opinions. These opinion statements can be a good way to try and persuade us do think or do something, and have the ability to really get us in our feelings. Our job as good readers is to be able to distinguish between fact and opinion; we want to be able to draw our own conclusions about what we have read. In your DO NOW you started to do that, you were able to tell me some things that you learned (facts) and also were able to give me your opinions about what you read; you did this without even thinking about what you were actually doing. I want you now to be able to do this while you are reading, not just after, because as good readers, we need to constantly be thinking about what we are reading, before, during and after.  
Direct Instruction (I DO):
When we read non-fiction we can find:
  • Facts - statements that can be proven either true or false.
o       Fast food restaurants market toward children. (This can be proven true when reading “The Youngster Business” chapter.
o       McDonald’s mascot is named Ronald McDonald. (We see Ronald McDonald in commercials, billboards, at the restaurant, etc.)
o       French fries used to be fried in beef fat to give them flavor. In some places they still are (this information can be found and proven true in “The Secret of the Fries” chapter).


Opinions are statements that cannot be proven either true or false. They usually are giving judgments, feelings, or beliefs to whoever will listen.
o       Mr. Wolfe is the best teacher in the world.
§        (Who says he’s the best? Does everyone? Who knows all the teachers in the world? What does “best” mean?)
o       Burger King’s French Fries taste better than McDonalds.
§        (Does everyone feel this way? What does “better” mean? Maybe others think McDonald’s are better?)
o       I think that the fast food industry has made society obese.
§        (Not everyone thinks this, the fast food industry thinks its because of poor choices)
***Other words which indicate opinion include:perhaps, usually, often, sometimes, on occasion, I think, I believe, I feel, I suggest, and in my opinion. ***
Consider making a chart that displays Fact vs. Opinion, which include the key words for opinion.
Guided Practice (WE DO):
·        Split the class into groups of 3-4
·        Explain that they are going to be detectives and find fact and opinion statements within “Chew On This”
·        Students are given a section to look through with their group and they will record the fact and opinion statements on their T-Chart (see attached file).
·        After students have been given time to find fact and opinion statements within the book, the class will come back together to discuss what they found.
·        Allow students to share and have a discussion with the class when a student is incorrect with their findings.

Use the interactive quiz with the students to reinforce student learning.
Independent Practice (YOU DO): (see attached file)
·        Students will be given a newspaper/Time for Kids/Scholastic News/etc. article and try and find fact and opinion statements within them. 
·        Students should make their own opinions about the article as well using the key statements using in the lesson.
·        If there is time left over, students can use the computer to use the Fact vs. Opinion Quizzes provided in the links.

Lesson Resources

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