Lesson: End Presentation

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Lesson Objective

Students will be able to present an alternative ending to "The Tale of Despereaux" based on their knowledge of Character Traits, sequencing, Change in character, mail idea, detail analysis, Cause and effect, and genre.

Lesson Plan

Opening: I don’t know about you, but after I finished reading “The Tale of Despereaux”, I wasn’t really satisfied with the way that it ended. I needed more to make me feel better that there was a “Happily Ever After” in Despereaux’s world. I had so many questions:
·        What happens next?
·        What did Miggory Sow’s father do to treat her better?
·        What happened with the mice in the castle?
·        Were the rats still as nasty as they were, or was Roscuro working to change them? 
·        How did the Princess and Despereaux spend their time?
·        Was soup made legal again?
·        ETC!!
Your job is to come up with a “proper” ending to the story; there is just too much left for me to think about.
This is an open ended task that you can work on with no more than three people.
Pick up right where the story ended and keep going with it.
You can write an ending, make a movie, act it out in a play, draw out an illustrated depiction, etc.; however you want to do it! 
You will be getting up in front of the class to present your ending. So have fun with this!!
**Teacher will need to come up with a rubric if planning to use this so students know exactly what they are graded on.**

Lesson Resources

End Presentation Sample Rubric   Assessment


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