Lesson: Characters Change

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Lesson Objective

Students will explain how a character can change throughout a fiction story.

Lesson Plan

Objective: Students will explain how a character can change throughout a fiction story.   
Lesson Plan
DO NOW (5-7 minutes): Students will read Chapter 42 and answer question(s) (see attached file)  
Opening:  We are still focusing on our characters and today we are going to be talking about how our characters can change throughout the story. We are going to look at what events change our characters in the plot. 
Direct Instruction (I DO):
“Characters often change throughout the story, but they don’t change without reason. There has to be something that makes them change. It’s usually an important event that makes them change. Sometimes it’s the combination of multiple events that causes the change. These events become the cause and they affect the character’s attitude or outlook on their world. Good readers pay attention to character changes because it signals important events in the story. As we read, we are going to be looking for events that change the main character in our story.”
Use the Character Change Chart to do this (see attached file)
Let’s take a look at our main character: Despereaux Tillings
I’m going to have to think back to the beginning of our story, when we first met him and reflect on the type of character he was then:
·        Despereaux was considered a different type of mouse, always doing things the way Despereaux wanted to do them. His father would always push him to do what real mice do, but by no choice of his own, he was different. He liked to read and was always curious about things that mice weren’t supposed to be curious about: reading, talking to humans, etc.
·        He fell in love with Princess Pea and everything changed.
·        All this got him in trouble with the mouse council and was sent to the dungeon to be eaten by the rats.
·        He accepted his fate and went to the dungeon even though he didn’t think he did anything wrong.
In the beginning of our story, Despereaux could be characterized as a mouse that just accepted what was happening. Mostly because he didn’t know any better.
·        His main motivation was to see Princess Pea again.
·        Upon his escape he overheard Roscuro talking about what he was going to do to the Princess with the help of Mig Sow.
o       This changed his whole outlook on things, he was determined to save the Princess, but had no idea how. Went to seek help from others.
We can start to see a real change in Despereaux, though he is not sure how to do it, he finds new found courage to save the princess from the rats.
·        After running into the Mouse Council Despereaux realizes that he isn’t going to get much help. He even speaks up to them and demands they repent for being wrong. (something the old Despereaux would not have done)
·        He goes to see the King, but he doesn’t get anywhere with him either. Realizes that he is going to have to do this all on his own.
This is where the big change in Despereaux happens, going through all that he did, Despereaux is confident that he can save the Princess despite having to deal with the dungeon and the rats. 
Guided Practice (WE DO): Students will be paired up to work on a Character Change chart for Roscuro(see attached file)
·        Teacher should circulate to help students who are struggling, as well as facilitate discussion within the group to talk about the changes that Roscuro went through as a character.
·        Have three groups form a larger group and come to together to talk about the changes that Roscuro made as a character from the beginning of the novel up until where we are now.
Assessment:  Exit ticket (see attached file)
Homework: Read Chapters 44-45 

Lesson Resources

Lesson 14 Exit Ticket   Assessment
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