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Lesson Objective

SWBAT identify prepositions.

Lesson Plan

Lesson Objective:

SWBAT identify prepositions.

Essential Questions:

• What sorts of relationships do prepositions show?
• How do sentences incorporate prepositional phrases?


"Practice with prepositions”


Use a starter from the “sentence structure warm-ups” document—one that focuses on sentence diagramming.

Materials Needed:

Notes, hw

Lesson Plan: I Do

A review of the warm-up reminds students of basic sentence structure.

Walk through a definition of preposition, generate a few examples.

Lesson Plan: We Do Together

Gradually release responsibility as we take on the task of finding a preposition in a sentence. Call attention to objects.

Fun student challenge: who can come up with the most prepositions in three minutes? A reward for the most successful student.

Lesson Plan: You Do

Walk through a few sentences from textbook, find the preposition in each. Then an exit slip: two sentences drawn from a classwork sheet ("Finding the preposition").


The brainstorming activity allows students to run as far as their vocabularies will take them.


Some students will only have to complete the more obvious example sentences in the textbook.

1. What went well?


2. What would you change?


3. What needs explanation?

This lesson absolutely requires the use of the brainstorming challenge--students only get the hang of how prepositions work if they go to the trouble of asking themselves, "what other words would fit in this part of the sentence?"

In the past, I've run on the assumption that students should just master prepositions "generally," without having to memorize a set list or anything of that sort. But this is a tricky part of speech, and the requirement to simply rote-memorize a ton of them might not be such a bad idea. Something I may consider doing next year.


It's really difficult to pin down a definition for the word "preposition," and the one I've got in the notes doesn't really do it justice. But all prepositions are joined together by the fact that they have objects, and they position those objects relative to everything else in the sentence.


Lesson Resources

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aimee hood Posted 4 years ago:

Wonderful!  straightforward and quick!  Thank you for the teacher version too!



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