Lesson: Analyzing Details an Drawing Conclusions

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Lesson Objective

Students will be able to determine a character's motivations by learning what the character wants and how they try to get what they want in the story.

Lesson Plan

Objective:  Students will be able to determine a character’s motivations by learning what the character wants and how they try to get what they want in the story.
Lesson Plan
Standard/Code/Name: Character Traits, Analyzing Details  
Do Now (10 minutes): Students read Chapter 29-30 at desks. What is something that you really want? What are you willing to do to get it?   
Opening (5 minutes): What a character wants is called their motivation. What they want is what motivates them to act a certain way in the story. Despereaux is brave because he is motivated by the Princess. As we read we are going to figure out what motivates Mig and what she tries to do in order to get what she wants.   
 Direct Instruction (I DO): We are all motivated to work toward something we want. This is the same with our story; every character we have come across has wanted something: Despereaux is motivated to have the Princess; Roscuro is motivated to seek revenge on the Princess and the King, etc.  Through careful reading we start to identify what it is that Mig wants. How does everyone go about obtaining those things they are motivated for?? Let’s take a look back:
Using our chart I can illustrate exactly what I’m talking about (see attached file). 
·        Model using the chart by using Despereaux as an example.
·        Think Aloud:
o       “Thinking back I know that Despereaux has fallen in love with the Princess. He has been sent to the dungeon to die by the hand of the rats. “
o       “What is his motivation? To get out of the dungeon to be with the princess.” I’m going to put that on my chart under Despereaux’s MOTIVATION.
o       “I have to ask myself “WHAT DID HE DO TO TRY AND GET THE PRINCESS?””
§        He went and visited the princess
§        Listened to the princess and the king’s music
§        Went against all mouse “rules”
§        Talked with the Princess
§        Being brave and trying to get out of the Dungeon
o       Record all these things on the chart.
·        Why do I think that his motivation is causing him to do all these things, even when it goes against the “mouse rules”? Despereaux I think is willing to do anything to get to the Princess because he loves her so much!
·        We haven’t heard much from Despereaux in a while, I wonder if he will be trying some more things to get back to the Princess, the one he loves??? He hasn’t gotten what he wants yet. I hope that he is able to escape and see the Princess again.
Guided Practice (WE DO): We have been introduced to Miggory Sow and have been trying to figure out her motivation within the last couple of chapters.
·        Have a discussion with the class about what motivates Mig Sow. Record this on a new chart.
o       Make sure to talk about he background and how it may have some influence on her motivation.
·        Read Chapters 30-32
·        As the class reads, stop and point out what Mig is doing that is helping her to get to what she wants.
o       This is more evident in the later chapters, but you can talk about how her “background” is helping her to get to what she wants.
Independent Practice (YOU DO): After reading, allow students the opportunity to talk about a couple different things she did and then send students to read Chapter 33 on their own. Make sure students are recording what Mig is doing to become a princess on their charts.
Homework: Write a summary of what happened in Book III, why is all this information important? Were their any connections or things that were related between Book III and the other two books? List them. (see attached file)

Lesson Resources

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