Lesson: Impaired driving lawyer is a criminal defense attorney

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Driving while impaired refers to operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol. The quite process is quite lengthy for such cases.

Here are few signs to spot a drunk or drugged driver-

-          Driving anywhere other than on a road

-          Stopping the vehicle without any cause

-          Slow response to traffic signals

-          Turning illegally

-          Driving on the wrong side of the road

You can pursue a claim against the impaired driver for any injuries, or damage you sustained.

Impaired driving penalties-

Impaired driving is considered a criminal offense in most countries. It not only affects you, but also your employment, family, and ability to drive.

In such a case, impaired driving lawyer can help you to a great extent. Hiring his services or not depends on you, but if ignored it will cost you a lot. Upon conviction, for impaired driving, the following penalties apply-

-          90 days license suspension

-          Jail up to 2 years

-          Fine of 1000-2000 dollars

-          Travel restrictions

-          Interlock must be tested at regular intervals at the driver’s cost.

Difference between DUI and DWI-

Both the terms are worse but they have few differences which are to be noted.

  • Depending on the state law both terms are used to describe drunken, or impaired driving. Some refer to the offense as DUI while others as DWI.
  • DUI stands for driving under the influence. On the same token, DWI refers to driving while intoxicated.
  • DWI is more severe than a DUI as it signals a higher level of intoxication.

Consequences of impaired driving-

Below is an overview of DUI and DWI and their consequences. If you are facing charges be sure to seek the help of an impaired driving lawyer.

  • Impaired and over 80- The parliament made it a criminal offense as driving over 80 is referred to as impaired.
  • Repeat offenders- If you repeat a mistake several times then parliament can increase your penalty.
  • Death, and bodily harm- For death, you would have a penalty of life. Contrary to it, in the case of bodily harm, the maximum penalty is 14 years.

Alcohol isn’t the only way to impair your driving-

Impaired driving is a major safety problem nationwide. Drinking is the leading cause of impairment. However, drivers need to be aware of how other substances can affect their safety.

  • Alcohol- It is termed as the major cause of impaired driving. In 2017 crashes, 21% of men are drunk, according to NHTSA. To help prevent a crash-

-          Designate a non-drinking driver

-          Don’t let your friends drive impaired

-          Use a taxi if you are drinking or taking drugs


  • Distractions- Distractions caused by cellphones are a growing cause of accidents. In addition to cellphones, keep your radio volume down, and avoid multitasking.

Last takeaways-

An impaired driving lawyer is a criminal offense attorney. He specializes in DUI/DWI cases. You know well, that impaired driving is a crime, and if charged for it then a driving lawyer can get you through the legal process by providing the required assistance.

Hire a good impaired lawyer for your case who is an expert in the field for expected results.

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