Lesson: Kitchen renovation and kitchen cabinets Mississauga

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Hey, your kitchen is the most important room in your house. Having a kitchen that is both functional and aesthetic is the dream of all. It is a place where you spent a large chunk of your day.

Kitchen cabinet refers to a cupboard built into the kitchen for its use. They help the house owners to store the cooking items without the fear of insects spoiling them. Cabinets with multiple shelves enable you to store crockery, jars, and a lot more.

Organization and storage-

Besides the attractive look, they provide convenient storage space. They are not only a stand-alone feature; they can be mounted on walls, under your stove, and counter-top.

This allows a lot of room without giving the feeling of being overwhelmed.

Why cabinets are the most important part of the kitchen?

  • Organization- Choosing the perfect kitchen cabinetry can help organize your home, and life. Remodeling or designing your kitchen helps to maximize your space.
  • Aesthetics- kitchen cabinets Mississauga can transform the entire appearance of your kitchen. Even if you are not making major renovations, small changes can bring a big difference. Such as- changing the doors
  • Quality- The quality of your kitchen cabinets determines their longevity. So, it’s recommended to invest in them as it will pay you back for it.

Things you should know before purchasing kitchen cabinets–

Several variable factors are to be considered before purchasing kitchen cabinets. For example- construction method, size, material, and cost. The following points help you to decide that the selected cabinets are within your budget, and meet your need, and requirement.

  • Kitchen cabinets are available in three types of construction-

-          Stock cabinets- They are the least expensive option, and are available in limited material options, colors, and styles.

-          Custom cabinets- They are built according to the color, size, and specification of your choice.

-          Semi-custom cabinets- These stock cabinets are available with a variety of extra details that help you to understand style, and storage capabilities.


  • Size- You should be wise while considering what size of cabinets you require to hold your cookware, gadgets, and more.


  • Cabinet styles- Kitchen cabinet styles are either framed or frameless.


-          Framed cabinets are with a box (your cabinet), and face frame (a structure that offers reinforcement needed for doors, and drawers to attach).

-          Frameless cabinets- They often look more contemporary.


  • Set a realistic budget- Invest in mid-to-high-end cabinets, while you are creating a dream kitchen to enjoy for years to come.

Types of kitchen cabinets-

There are three basic types of kitchen cabinets-

v  Base- Standard base cabinets are 24 inches deep, and 36 inches tall. Their depth may be increased upto 27 inches on some custom applications.

v  Wall- Upper cabinetry is 12 inches deep but can be increased to 17 inches.

v  Tall- They are 83 inches in height, and serving as pantry space, and broom storage.


Kitchen cabinets Mississauga takes your cooking style to a next level. They are best cabinetry solutions for your kitchen.

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