Lesson: The Science of Wounds

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Lesson Objective

Students will understand what blood is, how it is made, and why wounds heal. Students will be exposed to scientific explanations for stigmata.

Lesson Plan

Title: The Science of Wounds
Unit: Redemption, Healing, and What Makes a Good Person
Course: Project-Based Learning (Grades 9-12, All Subjects)
by Anke al-Bataineh
Time Estimate: 1.5 - 2 hours

computers with internet connection
Stigmata graphic novel(display in classroom, have handy to show anyone with content concerns)
Inquiry Guide
unit mind map (display in classroom near Stigmata book)
projection screen

Anticipatory Set
Distribute the Inquiry Guide and allow students to fill in what they already know. Do not spend too much time discussing misconceptions because it will be confusing.

Remind students that this unit is quite serious, and that there will be differing beliefs about the subject matter. Since the graphic novel we will read concerns stigmata, which is wounds in the hands that are believed by some Christians to be the wounds of Jesus Christ, it will help us to understand scientifically how blood and wounds work, and some possible scientific explanations. It is not important to the story HOW the main character gets his stigmata, it is only important in the story what he and the other characters believe about the stigmata. Tell students that, since stigmata is part of the subject of this project, they will be expected to know some scientific explanations for it when they are assessed. They should keep and review their notes for this reason.

Demonstrate for student groups how to log on to each site and how to note only main ideas. This is best done by circulating between groups as they set up at computers.

Students read one or more of the following sites, note main ideas, and then share their findings with the full class.
Low Readers:http://www.psbc.org/hematology/02_how.htm
and http://kidshealth.org/kid/watch/er/cuts.html#a_How_Do_Cuts_and_Scratches_Heal_
Higher Readers:http://www.pbs.org/wnet/redgold/basics/whatisblood.html
Game about blood types: http://www.nobelprize.org/educational/medicine/landsteiner/
Overview & pictureshttp://www.fi.edu/learn/heart/blood/blood.html

In order to answer the question about explaining stigmata, watch this National Geographic episode as a class:

Review & Wrap-Up
Wrap up the movie by holding a discussion about the answers and what was learned. Review students’ drawings to verify understanding. INQUIRY GUIDENAME __________________________
Inquiry What I Already Know/Think What I Learned Drawing to Explain
What is Blood?

How is Blood Made?

Is All Blood the Same?

Can Blood Get Sick?

Why Don’t We Bleed to Death Every Time We Get Cut?

Is There a Scientific Explanation for Stigmata?


Lesson Resources

Stigmata (graphic novel)
Hematology (low readers)
Cuts and Healing
What is Blood? (high readers)
Blood Types Game
Overview & Pictures
Stigmata episode


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