Lesson: Rich and Famous Who Have Won Big Amounts In Slots

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Rich and Famous Who Have Won Big Amounts In Slots

Lesson Plan

Celebrities are no strangers to the world of gambling and some of the names that crop up as keen celebrity gamblers might actually surprise you. For the rich and famous, gambling is about the thrill of the game, rather than the chase of making some side cash.

Multi millionaire movie stars can also afford to try to win big as they can take the financial hit if the opposite happens. They are not the best of gambling role models because they have far more disposable income than your average punter. Celebrity gamblers may be on another level when it comes to gambling but many of them frequent regular casinos and they rub shoulders with their fans and other everyday people - win free spins and more.

Celebrity Spotting 

The likes of Meg Tilly, Bruce Willis, Charlie Sheen, Pamela Anderson, Paris Hilton and Tobey Maguire are just some of the celebrity faces you are likely to bump into if you visit casinos in some parts of America on a regular basis. Meg Tilly is a skilled Poker player, Bruce Willis loves table games too and Charlie Sheen loves a bit of sports gambling and table game gambling as well. Pamela Anderson loves Poker but she also loves to spin the reels. She also stars on the reels in the Baywatch slot game. Paris Hilton loves slots and other forms of gambling and she has also been the ambassador for a famous UK Casino brand. Tobey Maguire is a keen gambler too and Poker is said to be his game of choice. Rumour has it that he has won millions on the popular card game. The other major winner is Ben Affleck thanks to his superior Blackjack skills. Other celebrity gamblers who actually need to brush up their gambling skills include Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan and Michael Phelps. 

Celebrity Slot Winners 

From all of the above-mentioned celebrities, Pamela Anderson and Paris Hilton have won big on slots, but it is thought that Bruce Willis almost walked away with close to $1 million from a single high stakes slot spin. Whether this is true or just a casinos myth is up for debate, if it is indeed true, then the stories concludes with Bruce Willis giving all his winnings to charity. 

The Alani Nicole Story 

What is definitely not a myth is the story behind Alani Nicole Vazquez big slots win. She may not be a household name across the world like some of the celebrities mentioned here, but in America she is a best selling author, businesswoman, producer and actress. She also had more media exposure when she appeared on MTV and VH1 in the early 2000s. 

 Recently her relationship problems have hit the headlines and one night she was at a New Orleans casino trying to take her mind off her troubles with a few slots spins. She apparently started the night with $200 and ended up with $68,000 thanks to a jackpot slot win. Her successful casino exploits were posted on her Instagram page for all her followers to see.

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