Lesson: Earth Science 101

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Live green, think green

Becoming aware of the environmental damage that is occurring on the planet, as a result of global warming, has led millions of people in the world to adapt to new lifestyles, where the conservation and preservation of existing natural resources must be above economic and political interests. Therefore, it is advisable to live green, think green.


Activism and education

Groups of people who have joined forces to carry out projects and exert pressure on the economic conglomerates that every day exercise more power in the political sectors, are managing to change the mentality of people, by promoting structural changes that involve raising awareness of environmental care .

Starting from education as a fundamental learning tool, in order to start living and perceiving life differently, where the protection of ecosystems and natural resources becomes a priority that does not wait.

You think, act, feel and live green when ...

  • You recycle and give up living in a disorderly way, driven by consumerism, you realize that you must take care of what you own, and you resort to repairing it instead of throwing it away when you think it will no longer serve you, understanding that recycling has become your new alternative of life .
  • You understand that to get around you should not always use your car, but there are other alternatives such as public transport or cycling, or you decide to walk if the distances are not very long.
  • You make use of sustainable and biodegradable materials that do not harm your environment, renouncing the excessive use of plastics that pollute the environment.
  • Your habits and lifestyle contribute to reducing CO2 emissions.
  • You save water, you take care of it as the most precious asset, because you know and understand that nothing that exists on the planet can replace it.

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