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I knocked quietly at the door and waited. I was a little nervous but I’d done this before and knew what to expect. John opened the door and invited me in, I followed him through to the lounge and took a seat. John sat on the sofa opposite. He was older than me, probably about 40 but I always preferred a slightly older guy big ass pics . He had an athletic build and was quite good looking but that didn’t interest me. I was only interested in his cock which I had seen online and looked perfect for my mouth.

“Nice to meet you” John said

“You too” I replied. “Nice home”

“Thanks. Do you want a drink?” John asked

“No I’m good thanks”

It usually started like this, both parties a little shy to get started but I had come this far so I made the first move. I stood up and walked over to the sofa, I knelt on the floor in front of John. He stood up and I reached forward and I undid the buttons on his jeans pulling them down to the floor. He was wearing white boxers and his erection was making a tent shape in the fabric. He was literally bursting at the seams to get out. I slowly pulled them down and his cock sprang free and bounced just inches from my face. I pulled his pants down to his ankles and he stepped out of his clothes. I had a good look at his penis, it looked better than it did in the pictures we had shared earlier. It was about 8” and quite thick with a slight bend, the head was poking out through the skin and I could see precum oozing out of the slit. I had sucked about a dozen cocks in the last few months and this was probably the best looking one yet. I was getting good at finding big suckable cocks and gave myself a little ‘pat on the back’ for my choice. I looked up at John and smiled before I opened my mouth and moved my head towards his groin. I stuck out a tongue and licked the precum from the tip. The sweet taste hit my tongue and my cock stirred in my pants. I took a deep breath and started giving John the blowjob I had driven all this way for.

I was getting pretty good at sucking cocks. For the first 23 years of my life I was strictly straight. I had girlfriends and enjoyed sex with women and never gave a thought to men in a sexual way. Then I split up with a girl and it hit me badly. I went off the rails with drink and it took a year or so to get back on my feet. I started watching a lot of porn during this time and after a while I stumbled across bisexual and gay porn. At first I was just curious but the more I watched the more I started to enjoy. Seeing a guy suck another mans cock became my ‘go to’ to getting an erection, giving me instant hardness. Eventually curiosity got the better of me and I found a site online for hook ups and casual meets. The first time I sucked a cock was amazing and I have been doing it ever since on a semi regular basis. I was 27 now and for the last few years I trawled the internet finding suitable candidates and when I found one I wanted, I went and got it. So far, all my meets had gone well, each time I would chat online before driving over to their homes and doing the business. I was there to suck a cock and once I had done this I would leave quickly and my mind would move onto the next target. The only issue I had was when a guy would ask if he could fuck me. I was an ass virgin. I had played with my own a little but getting fucked in it was something that didn’t appeal to me. I didn’t want to fuck one either, I was there to suck and go and I always stuck to that. I had explained this to John before we met and he was fine with it. Which brings us back to me, knelt on the floor in front of a standing John, about to take his cock into my mouth.

I put my hands on the back of his thighs and pulled him towards me. His tip and several inches passed my lips and into my open mouth. It felt warm and soft even though he was fully erect. My own cock was getting hard in my pants. I used my wet tongue to coat the underside of his shaft with saliva. I stopped him and pushed him away slowly. As I did I clamped my lips tight around his shaft, when his tip reached my lips I stopped him moving and sucked very hard pulling his foreskin back to expose the sensitive head. I heard John moan loudly. I had used this technique a few times and it always got a good reaction. I repeated this several times until John’s cock was at its maximum hardness. I moved my head away to look at it. It was solid, glistening with my saliva and pumping thick full of blood. His veins were throbbing, pumping blood to the engorged head. I took him into my mouth again until I felt the tip touch my throat. I had learned not to gag and I closed my lips again and sucked hard. I could feel his veins pumping against my lips and his whole cock was throbbing slowly. I massaged his balls with my fingers causing him to twitch wildly. I held him there for a good few seconds before I pulled back again and breathed heavily. I loved to deep throat but it was hard work! John was breathing heavily too. I could tell no one had sucked him like that before.

“I need to sit down” he said and fell back into the sofa. I shuffled forward on my knees and got back to work quickly. I got myself into a good rhythm taking most of John’s cock in my mouth with each stroke. He put his hand on my head and started to push his hips up towards me. From experience I could tell this was when a guy was started to feel his orgasm build. I slowed down a little, I wasn’t ready for him to cum yet. He calmed down and relaxed and I continued sucking his fantastic cock. Every now and then I would take my mouth away and wank him with my hand, pulling the skin down hard to expose the head before sucking it hard. After about 15 minutes I could tell John was getting close again and this time I was going to finish him off. My concentration was broken by a voice behind me.

“Hello John. Is this the little tart you told me about?”

I turned my head slightly, John’s cock still in my mouth and saw the figure of another man.

“For fucks same Sam. I was just about to cum” said John. I lifted my head off his cock so I could get a better look at Sam.

“I’m sorry” he said to John. “Don’t let me stop you son” he said to me.

I turned back to John with a question on my lips. He answered it before I got the chance to ask.

“This is my friend Sam. Sorry for not mentioning him. I forgot he was coming over” said John. He had a cheeky glint in his eye and I could tell he was lying.

“Yeah I’m a bit early” lied Sam.

I wasn’t sure what to say. Or do. I’d been set up but for what?

“Do you mind if I watch?” Said Sam breaking my thought process. He sat on the sofa next to John.

“Is that ok?” John asked me.

“I guess” was all I could muster up.

Sam reached over and took hold of John’s still hard cock.

“You gonna finish it then son?” He asked me. I looked up at him, he was a big guy. 6’2” or 3”. Not fat but still a heavy guy. He had grey hair and a grey goatee beard. He was probably 50+ but he looked in good shape. I was still unsure what to do but I figured the best thing would be to finish off John and then leave as soon as possible. I gave my head a shake and got back to John’s cock. Sam was wanking it slowly and precum was dribbling out of the tip. There was no way I could resist that and as soon as it touched my tongue I was back in the zone. As I sucked John again I reached down and felt my own erection growing. I sensed movement from Sam but was so absorbed in John’s cock I didn’t realise what he had done. When I looked up he was still seated, but he was naked and stroking his own penis, whilst looking at me and smiling. His cock was the thickest I had seen in the fresh. His big hand struggled to get around the girth and the head was massive, there was probably a litre of blood in that thing alone! It wasn’t short either, not as long as John’s but at least 6”.

I watched Sam stroke himself hard whilst I kept on sucking John, I was transfixed with thickness of his cock.

“You like what you see son?” Sam asked.

I nodded as best I could with a mouthful of cock.

“Don’t worry” he said back to me. “You’ll get a taste of it soon”

I got back to sucking John’s cock, eager to finish hun so I could take on Sams monster. After I few minutes I could feel John getting close.

“Fuck” I heard Sams low voice. “Are you gonna cum in his mouth John”

“Where else?” Was John’s reply. I wasn’t going to complain.

I wanked his shaft and sucked his tip hard, licking the sensitive underside. I heard him groan loudly and my tonsils got hit by a huge spurt of hot salty cum. It caused me to gag and my mouth clamped tight stroked his shaft. He pushed my head down and my lips felt his cock throb as more cum was pumped up the shaft. He held me there as his cum filled my already full mouth. It was too much to hold and I tried to swallow, which is not easy with a big cock in the way. I spluttered and cum came flying out of my mouth coating John’s lower belly and his balls too. I sucked his shaft clean and moved my head back gasping for air.

“You dirty slut” said Sam. “Clean up all that cum you spilled!” Sam was looking straight at me. I did as I was told, licking John’s stomach and balls clean. I also gave his cock another lick. For some reason Sam’s presence loomed over me and I wanted to please him. Maybe it was his size or his age but he was a commanding figure. Once I finished cleaning John I licked my lips and my own fingers clean. I looked at Sam for his approval and he gave me a nod.

“My turn you little cock slut” he said to me. “And you better not spill a drop this time”

“No sir” I replied weakly. I couldn’t believe how submissive Sam made me feel.

“Get over here then and get my cock in your mouth booty pics

I shuffled over on my knees and got my first close up of Sams monster. Just like him it was very imposing. You’ve heard the expression, ‘like a babies arm?!’ Well this really was. There was no way I was going to be a able to fit it all in my mouth but I was going to do the best I could. I got into position and composed myself. Sam shuffled down the sofa, his cock was laid on his belly pointing away from me. I reached out and took hold if it. I lifted it up, it was so heavy. I was shocked at the weight of it. As I stared at it transfixed I heard John speak.

“Don’t worry, it takes a bit of getting used to but you’ll fit it in. I’ve deep throated that monster plenty of times” he was nodding at me reassuringly.

I looked back at Sam and he gave he a little nod, I pulled his foreskin back and opened my mouth wide.

I stuck out my tongue and licked his tip, I needed his precum to coat my own lips in preparation. Luckily this monster cock was dribbling it out already and the sweet taste set my cock twitching. I held his shaft tight, opened my lips wide and went down. I had to force the tip a bit to get passed my stretched lips but once the head was in it became a little easier. I held him there allowing my mouth to get accustomed to the new extra large cock. Then I slowly moved my head down his shaft, being carefully not to catch him with my teeth. After several inches I pulled slowly back up, repeating the technique I had used on John, although it was a lot more difficult with Sam. I felt his head throb against my lips and my tongue worked his tip over in a frenzy, sucking precum out of his slit. I went up and down slowly for several minutes until my jaw got used to it and it became easier. I was starting to enjoy it, at first the size of Sams cock was daunting but now I was getting used it. I was sucking and slobbering all over it, my own cock twitching like crazy underneath me. Sam put a hand on my head and pushed me down onto himself. I felt his shaft getting thicker towards the base as it stretched my lips apart further. His huge tip touched my throat and I gagged hard on him. I think I must have bitten down a little as he pushed harder but he didn’t stop until my nose touched his belly. I had never felt anything like it. Every bit of my mouth was stretching and straining to hold it all in. My throat was being pushed into the tip and I was trying to cough and breath and lift my head all at once but I couldn’t do anything but hold still and wait. Sam held me there for what seemed like ages before he grabbed my hair and pulled my head back sharply. I gasped and sucked in air. I could feel my eyes watering. But my cock was rock hard and twitching against the fabric of my pants. Sam looked me in the eye and smiled before pushing me back down. I opened my mouth and he didn’t stop until he found the same position. I could feel his cock pulsing throughout my mouth and his balls were pressing into my chin and neck. He pulled my hair again and I breathed deeply.

“You’re a bigger slut than I thought you were” he said with a laugh. I didn’t get time to reply before he forced his cock into my mouth again. He was being very rough with me but I wasn’t resisting. I was feeling very submissive, Sam and his cock were in control and I liked it.

He pulled me back up roughly. “I bet you’d love this in your ass” he growled at me. I tried to shake my head but he pushed me down. He held me there for a long time.

“Don’t lie you slut. I bet you’ve had plenty of cock up that ass” he said as I gasped for air, briefly freed.

“Never” I said. A wide grin crept across his face and then it was gone as I was held down forcefully.

“I can’t believe you’re an ass virgin the way you suck cock” he was giving me time to catch my breath. “What do you think John?” I had almost forgotten John was there, recovering from the great blowjob I had given him.

“First time for everything” he laughed back.

“I’m happy to suck but that’s all” I said protesting.

“Shut up slut” said Sam angrily forcing me back down again. “John” he said and I felt John get up off the sofa. Before I could react John grabbed my hands and pulled them hard up my back. At the same time Sam pushed my down harder and held me with his big hands.

My head was spinning. What the fuck was going on? My question was answered by John. He was holding my wrists together and I could feel something else on my skin. I realised it was rope and I could feel it being pulled against me. My arms were across my back pointing the opposite way to each other. John tied my left wrist to my right elbow and then did the same with the opposite side. This took him several minutes. All this time I was being held on Sams cock, I was struggling to breath and for the first time I was getting scared. I didn’t want to get fucked, well raped to be honest and certainly not by Sam. I had played with my ass before and had even taken a medium size toy to myself with average results. It wasn’t for me, but I had no problem blowing a guy so I figured myself for an oral only guy and until tonight it had worked out fine that way.

John secured me with expertise. I couldn’t move but it wasn’t so tight as to be uncomfortable. He had obviously done this before. I struggled a little for show but it was pointless. I was helpless. Sam pulled me up and pushed me back till I was sat on my heels. He sat up on the edge of the sofa and John joined him. We were facing each other a couple of feet apart. Sam looked at me closely giving me a long ‘up and down’ while I recovered.

“We’ve been watching you!” He said calmly. My expression changed and they both nodded.

“Only online of course” he followed up. “John’s a bit of a computer nerd and he’s been keeping an eye on you. Tonight was our idea. Not yours!” This shocked me. I always chose the guy. It was always me who decided.

“I put myself out there” said John. “On all the sites you use. I was the bait and I kept throwing it out until you bit”. He was smiling to himself big booty pics

I thought about it. Had I seen him before? Now and then you see a similar post on different sites but I couldn’t recall seeing multiple John’s.

“We’ve read your profiles” Sam continued. “We know what we’re looking at. We’ve been around this scene for a while now. It’s much easier now than it used to be. Always plenty of young guys wanting to suck a cock and just a few button pushes away!” John was nodding along.

“So when we saw you on all the different sites trawling for cocks we knew” Sam was giving a well rehearsed speech, no doubt used before on unsuspecting guys. “We knew what you were really looking for. We’ve seen plenty of guys just like you. You say you want to suck a cock but it’s never enough. You look harder and further for bigger and bigger ones to satisfy you. But you know it’s not enough” he was nodding slowly. I shook my head but he was describing me pretty accurately, I had driven 25 miles to visit John tonight.

“You’re wrong” I protested. “That’s not my thing. Hence the virginity”

“Come on son. Be honest with us. And yourself. You’ve played with your ass haven’t you?” More nodding from him but this time I didn’t shake my head. “And I bet your cocks stiff when you do it. Pushing a finger or even a dildo inside your ass while you wank yourself. What do you think John?” he said turning to his partner in this scheme.

“Definitely. If he’s sucked a cock then he’s played with his ass. It’s the next step up from a boring wank”

Sam nodded in agreement. “And this is the next step after that” he said looking straight at me.

I shook my head. “Its not my thing” I pleaded.

Sam stood up closely followed by John. They both looked over me.

“They all say that” Sam grinned “At first” John joined in with the laughing.

I felt scared and humiliated. A lot of what Sam said was true, but not all of it. I had to protest but did I protest enough? They said others had been before me. How many? And how had they reacted? If I struggle with them too much then would they hurt me? If I let them have their way then would they let me go?

“Is it ready?” Sam asked John.

“All set” John answered.

“This way to the funzone slut” Sam said with a laugh. “Follow me!”

I was manhandled upstairs and taken into a dark bedroom. I was forced back against the a wall, my arms still tight to my back. Sam held me in place with his huge arms and John tied a collar around my neck. He passed a chain through a link on the collar and the other end was hooked on a ring above me. They let me go and I relaxed. The chain pulled tight on my neck. John stepped forward and loosened it.

“Don’t want to choke you!” he said and stepped back. It wasn’t tight around my neck and I could move my head a little. In fact we don’t want to hurt you at all” John continued. He had a sincere look on his face. He stepped back to join Sam and I looked around the room. I had never seen anything like it, and I watched a lot of porn! It was packed full of sex items. On the wall to my left hung a series of whips and crops and several garments for bondage I had seen online myself. On the wall to my right were shelves full of dildos and butt plugs of all shapes, colours and sizes. I could see a large TV on the wall behind John & Sam and I had my back to the final wall, my neck held by a leash and my arms tight up my back. There was a wooden bench in the floor behind them obscured by their bodies.

“Impressive isn’t it?” My eyes must have been wide open taking in the sight. “And John’s telling the truth” My eyes turned their attention back to Sam. “The last thing we would want to do is hurt you. We’ve done this a few times before and we are very careful about who we choose”

“How many times?” I asked.

They looked at each other. Too many to remember?

“About 20 times. Pretty much one for every year we’ve been together” said Sam and they shared a smile together. “You probably think we are a pair of rapists”

I nodded.

“But I guarantee you’ll leave here tonight unharmed” he paused. “And with a big smile on your face”

I shook my head.

“We’ve seen it before. We know what we’re doing. We know men like you and we know what you want. You can try to hide it but you can’t lie to yourself. You’ve been building up to this for a while now. You probably would have bottled it a few times but eventually you were going to let yourself get fucked” Sam was giving another well rehearsed speech. I was shaking my head but he was right about me.

“We’re just helping you out. Giving you the push you need. I promise by the end of tonight, not only will my cock be filling your ass, but you’ll be begging me to do it” he winked at me.

“You’re still rapists” I said back with venom.

“Not if you leave her with a smile son” countered Sam. I shook my head again. His expression changed and he stepped closer.

“Anyway, this is happening! How you deal with it is up to you” Sam stepped up close to me. “You can struggle. It’s still going to happen but we might have to get rough with you. And there’s two of us” John stepped up and nodded at his side. “Or you can accept your fate and let it happen. You’ll struggle with yourself not fighting more, but soon you’ll realise this is what you’ve been after all this time”

They looked down at my crotch. It was a struggle but I looked down too. My cock was pushing against my jeans

“See. Your cocks ready” said Sam. “Give him a warm up John”

John got to his knees and undid my jeans and pulled them down with my underwear. My cock sprang out and bounced around. “That’s a beauty” John said and he quickly started to suck my it expertly. Within a minute I was ready to cum, this evening had excited me more than I care to admit. John sensed it and stopped.

“You can’t cum till you’ve had a cock in your ass” he said and left me there poking my erection out.

They pulled out my shoes and socks and I stepped out of my jeans automatically. My arms being tied left me with just a shirt on. Then they undressed themselves and stood in front of me. Even tho they were much older than me, maybe 15-20 years to John and probably another 10 to Sam, they had good bodies. Either through working out or lots of sex!

“We’re going to move you over here now” Sam said taking full control. “If you behave then we’ll untie your arms to let them stretch. Do you understand?”

“Yes” I replied meekly. I knew there was nothing I could do. They were both bigger than me, besides struggling might prolong the agony. Best behave and get this over with was what I was thinking. They freed my neck, leaving the collar on and the chain attached and pulled me away from the wall. John untied my arms, removing the ropes from my wrists. I rubbed them and stretched my aching limbs.

“Better?” Sam asked sympathetically.

I nodded a thank you, they grabbed an arm each and stepped away from each other stretching my shoulders. I cried out in pain. They dragged my roughly to the wooden bench. I could see now what it was. I had seen similar things online but this looked homemade. It resembled a table but not a standard one! There was a padded area to lay a chest or back on and two pieces of wood stretching out opposite ways at the side. It was waist height and had leather straps attached to different areas. They pushed me up against it and forced my head down onto the soft padding so my top half was laid down, and they spread my legs with there feet, holding me in place. My wrists were quickly tied to the device with a belt like strap soon followed by my ankles. I was even more restricted than before. Sam walked around the device checking the straps. His fat cock bounced around level with my head. I was in the perfect position to be ‘spit roasted’ and fully expected it pretty soon. My cock twitched in anticipation.

“Don’t worry” said Sam from behind me. “We’re going to warm your ass up a little before we fuck you. We’re going to take our time ‘breaking you in’”. I felt a thick finger enter my anus. Instinctively I clenched my buttocks but the finger pushed harder. I was unable to move forward so it slid deeper in until I felt knuckles on my cheeks. The finger probed around, catching my prostate several times. It was a nice feeling to be honest especially as I didn’t know which direction the finger was going to move. After a minute another stubby digit slid into my hole easily. I could feel cold lube on my butt cheeks. Thankfully they were lubing everything up. It brought me a little relief. The fingers slid in and out slowly, stretching my opening. A third finger soon followed. I let out a groan as it entered me.

“I told you” said Sam behind me. “This slut loves it John”

John moved around to my front and stepped in close. He pulled my hair back and lined up his hard again cock with my mouth. At that moment Sam pushed 2 or 3 fingers in hard and deep and I let out a loud moan. John quickly pushed his cock into my mouth stopping only at my throat. Unable to escape I coughed on John’s cock and clenched Sams fingers in my ass. My cock twitched.

John started to fuck my mouth with long strokes. “Get it wet bitch” he called out at me. “It’s going in your ass so the wetter the better!” I did my best to coat it, knowing it would be the first one to enter my ass spurred me on. I enjoyed sucking it before and soon I was enjoying it again. Behind me, Sam had freed his fingers from my grip and was separating my cheeks. I felt something soft but firm push against my hole. He pressed the hole a couple of times, pushing the object in only slightly. My hole was tight anyway but I was tensing it a little. I had to protest a little bit!

“Come on son” Sam whispered softly behind me. “You know you want to!”

I did. I really did. I relaxed my body, John even stopped fucking my mouth, briefly. The dildo slid in very easily. It was quite thin but long and I felt it slide a long way into me. It touched a previously untouched surface within me and I winced in pain.

“It’ll pass” said Sam and he waited a few seconds. Then as that pain subsided he pulled the toy out a little and pushed it in hard several times at different angles. I tried to muffle an angry response at the pain passing through me but I still had John’s cock in my mouth and was unable to do anything but tense myself against the onslaught.

“It’s better that way I promise” said Sam apologetically. “Better to hit all those new nerves and wake them early than touch each one slowly” He pushed the dildo in forcefully a couple of times. He was right, the pain had going. He was breaking me in slowly. John started to fuck my face again. He had gone a little limp waiting for me but he was soon rock hard again pumping away with long strokes, his balls tapping my chin as his tip touched my throat. I was used to it now and was taking him easily without gagging. At my rear Sam was opening me a little wider with a plug. Thin at the tip but steeply rising to a thick base, it popped into place with a little force. My bum clamped tight around it. My cock twitched some more and John fucked my mouth harder. Sam was playing with the plug, stretching my hole before pushing it in hard. I was building into a frenzy and could feel my cock throbbing. The feeling of being helpless and used was a new one but it was very exciting.

“This ones ready!” Sam said to John. He was right again, I was ready. He stood up and slapped my ass just as John prodded my throat. I coughed and John slid his cock out. I could see it was dripping with my spit. I had done a good job. They changed positions and soon I was staring once again at Sams monster penis. It was hanging down only semi erect. He lifted it towards my face and pulled back the skin rewarding me with a blob of precum on my tongue. I licked the tip getting more of the sweet substance and his cock got harder and harder. Behind me I felt John remove the plug and finger my ass with lube. I felt the tip of his penis circle my rim before lining up perfectly. He prodded it a couple of times and I did my best to relax my muscles. Sam pulled my hair up roughly and slapped my face with his erect penis. My tongue had worked well, he was rock hard.

Together, like a choreographed move, the two of them forced their large cocks into me. Sams monster stretched my lips open as they slid passed. It kept going in, his belly getting closer to my face. John’s slightly smaller but thinner cock broke my threshold of my hole with the swollen head and stopped. I was choking with Sams cock and now John’s entering me was overwhelming. I pushed my hips back as much as I could and felt John slide several inches into me easily. Sam was touching my throat and he pulled out at the same time as John. They both stopped with their swollen heads just inside different ends of me. I was sucking Sams feverishly getting a mouthful of precum for my effort. Every drop I got made my cock twitch and my ass tighten. John was holding steady behind me. I could feel the pulse of his head being pumped with fresh blood. It coincided with the contractions by ass was undergoing. My head was spinning, I felt like I was going to pass out. John woke me up by sliding his whole length into me. I had sucked it so I knew it was long and I felt every inch squeeze through my tight hole. I felt his balls against my cheeks and knew he was literally ‘balls deep’ in my ass. He gave a thrust against my ass and I let out a yelp as he found a new nerve. It didn’t matter anyway because once I had taken his whole length, there was no stopping John. He pumped away at my ass stretching my hole and probing the depths. Occasionally he would catch my prostate and a feeling would shoot towards my cock which would twitch every time. My ass felt so full, I always thought it would hurt but these guys had taken their time and they knew what they were doing. I wondered how many guys they must have ‘broken in’ before they perfected it. Whilst John was treating my ass so well, Sam was picking up the pace as well.

“I knew this bitch wanted to be spit roasted John” he said excitedly. “You picked well my friend”

I wanted to nod in agreement with them. Despite this being forced on me I was enjoying it. The feeling of helplessness and two hard cocks in me was bringing me into a frenzy. Sam pulled his cock out just enough for me to speak.

“I want your cum” I pleaded.

Sam looked down and grinned. He called me a ‘Dirty slut’ and they both took to pounding my holes mercilessly. Sam held my head up by my hair and John found the chain holding my leash. He pulled it hard and I choked a little spluttering on Sams cock.

“Don’t do that with my cum” he said. “You better swallow every drop” I concentrated hard on making him cum. We built up a rhythm together and he ran his hand through my hair. I knew he was close. At the rear John was going faster and harder. His pelvis slapping my ass cheeks and making a loud noise. His balls were swinging wildly and bashing into me with each hard thrust.

A minute of concentrated fucking of my ass and mouth and my two captors were on the edge. Sam came first. He was deep inside me pulling out when a huge amount of hot salty cum hit the back of my tongue. Another one soon followed and I swallowed quickly before my mouth filled. He pulled his cock out till the tip was at my lips. I knew what he wanted. I closed my lips tight and sucked hard. Every second another spurt hit my tongue and I gulped each one down. As I did so it caused a mini vacuum in my mouth making me suck harder and in turn draw more cum out of Sams throbbing cock. This went on for about 15 seconds, by which time I had swallowed a huge amount of cum without spilling a drop. Sam kept it between my lips as the final dribbles were sucked out, my tongue probing beggingly at his slit wanting more. As this was happening I could feel John’s cock emptying itself into my bum. He had stopped moving with his hard shaft and swollen head buried as deep as they could go. I felt the first spurt. A warm liquid deep inside me. It felt nice. Then another before it got jumbled together. John was holding my hips tight into himself and groaning loudly as he came. Then I felt him moving back from me. Sam was doing the same but I had swallowed all of his cum. The sensation of John’s wet cock leaving me was amazing. My body tensed up trying to hold his head inside. He pulled free with a loud plop and I felt his cum dribble from my pulsating hole. Each pulse forcing him cum free. There was loads and it kept running down towards my balls. Sam pulled his cock free and went to look.

“Dirty slut” I heard Sam say. “I told you you’d love it” he said with a laugh. I relaxed myself, exhausted on the wooden bench.

I wasn’t arguing with him. They left me tied up for several minutes before releasing me.

“Are we cool” said Sam looking nervous.

“Not yet!” I scoffed looking at them both sternly. They looked at each other. “Not until you’ve both had my cum in your asses anyway” I gave them a forgiving wink.

“Who’s first?” I asked with an air of authority and new found confidence.

To be continued.

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Thank you

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