Lesson: The Common Types Of Bjj Gis

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The Common Types Of Bjj Gis

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In another article, I talked about the countries that manufacture Gi. This piece is not concerned with Gi designs but the types of BJJ Gis. It encompasses the purpose, style, and material used. Weaves refer to the way Gi fibers align to form the Gi. They are also referred to as Gi jackets and come in rip-stop version. It is the weave that determines the weight and strength of the Gi.

No matter the type of BJJ Gis you want, it is necessary to read BJJGireviews online. The weave is measured in grams per square meter.

Here are some of the types of BJJ Gis in the open market:

Beginners kimonos

As a beginner, it is normal to feel confused when choosing your first Gi. The resident trainer would likely suggest the best outfit for you, but simplicity should be your watchword. Go for single weave and rip-stop trousers because it is simple. Beginner kimonos are usually cheap, and you don't have to break the bank to acquire one. The disadvantage is that this Gis doesn't last that much. If you need them for a short period or emergencies, that's fine.


This kind of Gi is not for everyone. It consists of standard pearl weaves and is heavier. If it's your first time wearing them, you'll feel uncomfortable. They also come in lighter variants so you can opt-in for more lightweight versions. You can wear this dress for competitions, but it means that it'll tear faster. You can use them for training during the hot weather.

Training Gis

When you start training, your teacher tries to make you feel comfortable. One way you can feel at ease is wearing the right attire. During training periods, you need to have a multipurpose Gi like this one because it lasts longer. It withstands severe conditions and helps you save money on maintenance. You can purchase a pearl or single weave, and you're good to go.

Backup Gis

Backup Gis like their name implies are for backups. With this kind of dress, you can experiment on different designs. They don't serve any significant purpose you own them in case your main dress is torn or damaged. They are used for both training and mainstream competitions. However, choices are limited due to conventions. For some persons, they have more than one backup. There are no hard and fast rules for the number of extras you can have. Feel free to own as many as you want after reading BjjGiReview.

Competition Gis

A competition Gi can be worn for training and competitions too. However, they are mostly used when it's competition time. You need to know the requirements of the game like the color and design before you buy Gi. Competitor Gi is quite expensive.

Feel free to experiment with as many kinds of Gi as you want. Reading BjjGireviews are necessary because you hear from an expert on the best one for you.

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