Lesson: How To Troubleshoot Common Indesit Machine Issues?

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When you purchase any appliance, you get the instruction manual to ease your understanding of the instrument. The same is true for the Indesit washing machine, as it comes with an instruction manual. 

If your washing machine poses functionality issues, you can have a quick sneak peek into the instruction manual for prompt fixes. We have listed some of the most common problems customers have to face with the Indesit machine and how you can troubleshoot them. View & Download more than 10k Indesit PDF User Manuals, Guides and Instructions from manymanuals.com

Error Codes With Light Flashes:

Indesit comes with fault codes that are extremely easy to comprehend. The display has five flashy lights to indicate default in the machine. 

All five of them show various machine issues, and you can guess where the problem lies—the error codes in the Indesit washing machine range from F01 to F18. You can check the manual for the code information, and can contain the specific part for error.

Common Indesit Issues:

The flashlights in the Indesit washing machine will start blinking when the device is experiencing some difficulties, including the following.

Spinning Issues:

The spin cycle might get interrupted due to the presence of balance sensors.  The sensors indicate the potential risk in spinning and thus prohibits the spin cycle. If you use the appliance fr washing a small load, the sensor deduces it as a risk.

Drainage Issues:

A blocked hose or pump might cause drainage issues. While washing the clothes, you have to be careful regarding clothes getting stuck in the drain and clogging the hose or pump.

Drum Is Not Moving:

If the motor is faulty or the controller is facing issues, the drum won't roll. To check for the problem, do inspect the belt of the drum and the worn-out brushes.

Machine Is Being Noisy:

A washing machine might be noisy due to many issues, including failed bearings, stuck items like a coin, or a blocked drain pump or filter. If your machine faces any of the issues mentioned above, it will be noisy and annoying.

Shock Absorber:

When the machine’s shock absorber failed to perform their duty, the machine starts moving. Moreover, if the floor is not even, this might also trigger the machine to move away.


If you are experiencing any weird smell from the machine, it might be due to the build-up of bacteria in the drum seal or detergent drawer. Moreover, modern plastic machines are more prone to mildew and mold, causing a foul smell.

Lengthy Cycle:

Multiple reasons might cause your machine to end its cycle in the middle. Due to drainage issues, thermostats, carbon brushes, and heaters, the machine sensor might sense risk and stop the middle cycle.

Jammed Door:

If there’s water in the machine, the door won't open to avoid flooding. Never force the locked door to open as it might cause damage.


Is your machine leaking from somewhere? Try to find the source of water leakage by checking the water supply hose, drum seal, and water pump.

Always keep your machine clean, and wash normal load to keep it efficient for a long period.

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