Lesson: Know When Men Ghosts Women.

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Lesson Objective

Know When Men Ghosts Women.

Lesson Plan

A relationship plays a very vital role in everyone’s life. If you have a healthy relationship, it will make you live happily, you will be at peace. But people who always have up and down in their relationships suffer a lot, cannot live their lives in peace, and suffer from everyday fighting, irritation, failure, mood swings, and many other things. 

Ghosting in relationships is the worst way one can break any relationship. Ghosting means breaking or ending a personal relationship with your partner suddenly without giving any explanation to your partner and cutting off all communication. The main reason for breaking relationships is men. Men always ghosts women.

Why men ghost women?

Here are some of the prominent reasons Why Men ghost women.

1.     He is in love with someone else – 

This is one of the most obvious reasons why men cheat or break their relationships with women. There are two types of daters that are monogamous daters, and the other one is serial daters. Monogamous daters are those who only date one woman at a time and are loyal to only one person throughout their life. On the other hand, serial daters are those who date multiple women at a time. They take some time to explore their options and then decide on one partner which bests suits them. In this process, they cheat the ones whom they are dating and then break their relationships. 

2.     You have more feelings towards him – 

when men ghost women, she feels cheated and sometimes goes in depression too. But maybe the main reason can be you have more feelings, or love towards him. Because of this, both of you cannot built that emotional connection, and then your men decide to ghost you. 

3.     Small talk – 

Small talks in the early stages of your relationship is also one reason when men ghost women. Moreover, there is no value of small talks between men and women. Small talks between both of you will not let you both know each other, creating a mess in your relation.

4.     No chemistry –

If there is no proper coordination among you and your partner. This is what leads to daily fights and drama. Due to this, maybe your men cannot concentrate on his work and finds no reason to sit and solve the problems. As a result, he finally decides to ghost you rather than explaining the entire situation to you. 

What Happens when men ghosts a women?

When men ghost women, she may suffer from emotional trauma if she was in a serious relationship with him. She will find it challenging to shut things down and to move on. In such a scenario, she may get depressed. So for dealing with such problems, it’s better to tell the truth at an early stage rather than breaking someone’s heart and emotions.  

To deal with such problems, both men and women should sit and talk about the issues they are facing in their relationship and then take the necessary steps to solve their problem, rather than men deciding to ghost his women. 

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