Lesson: Grammar: Active/Passive Sentences 3

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Lesson Objective

Focus: Writing in the passive/correcting passive voice sentences with mistakes

Lesson Plan

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  • Scholars, we have been discussing the difference between the active and passive voice in writing. We know that sentences written with an active voice help the reader feel like they are IN the action. Passive voice sentences have more words around the predicate, so readers feel more removed from the action.
  • Today, we are going to practice writing only in the active voice. Why do you think we are practicing writing in the active voice and not the passive voice? (An active voice is more interesting, clear, and direct. Readers feel more connected to the action in a sentence or paragraph.)
  • We know that the way the action in a sentence is written (the predicates) determines whether it has an active or passive voice. Introduce the Busy Picture of people in the restaurant.
  • Take a look at this picture. There is a lot going on in this picture; a great deal of action is taking place. We can describe the action in this picture by writing sentences about what the people are doing.
  • Your job is to analyze the picture below, think carefully about the action taking place, and imagine what the people in the picture could be doing. You will write 5 sentences on the lines using an active voice.
  • Practice writing a sentence all together so scholars have a chance to practice and ask questions.
  • Examples:
    • The waiter sets the table.
    • A woman pours a glass of water.
    • When the scholars are done writing 5 active sentences, have them share their sentences with a partner (or whole class). Have scholars decide whether or not their classmates wrote active sentences, and if not, fix them up.
    • Next, pass out the sheet with incorrect passive sentences and have them work in partners to re-write the sentences so they have an active voice. Do the first one or two together so everyone understands the exercise.
    • Ending Question: How can we identify/spot a passive voice sentence?





Lesson Resources

active and passive writing handout.docx  


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