Lesson: Inferring about the Character

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Lesson Objective

Students will be able to describe a character's feeling by imagining how they (the student) would feel if they were experiencing what the character goes through in the story.

Lesson Plan

Objective: Students will be able to describe a character's feeling by imagining how they (the student) would feel if they were experiencing what the character goes through in the story.   

Lesson Plan:

Standard/Code/Name:  Character Traits Inferring

Do Now (5-7 minutes):  How do you know how someone is feeling without the person telling you?  How do you know they are excited; mad; tired?  Use the chart to describe how you know. (see attached file)

Opening (5 minutes):

·        When authors don’t give us a lot of information about a character it can be hard to figure out what they are thinking and feeling.  One way that good readers solve this problem is by putting themselves in the place of the character.  When doing so, you can figure out how they would feel and why they would feel that way.  This can help you to figure out how the character is feeling in the story.  As we read, we are going to imagine that we are Despereaux, being led down into the dungeon. 

Direct Instruction (I DO):  Start with Chapter 13, one they read for homework and they will be familiar with. 

·        Yesterday we were concentrating on what kind of character Despereaux and Princess Pea are, but today, I want to have an even better understanding of our main character.  The author gives us a lot of information about him, but sometimes leaves details out to get us to think about the character.  I don’t know about you, but sometimes I forget to do so and I lose a lot of my understanding about the story.  This skill is sometimes a tough one because I want to keep going in the story.  Every once in a while, it is important to stop and reflect or think on what is happening. 

·        To help me to really understand the character, I like to stop and ask myself 3 simple questions:  

o       What is happening in the story?

o       Are there any clues the author gives me start thinking about how the character is feeling (words, actions, reactions, etc)? 

o       If I were the character, how would I feel if I were in this situation??

·        Re-read Chapter 13

·        Model using these questions through Chapter 13 making sure to think out loud and write your answers to the 3 questions on chart paper for everyone to refer back to later.

Guided Practice (WE DO):  Now it is your turn to try this strategy out.  We are going to read the next chapters together (choral read, popcorn read, teacher reads, etc.)

·        After reading Chapter 14, STOP and allow students to work in partners or in groups of 3.  Allow them to discuss the questions with each other.

·        It is important for the teacher to circulate and act as a facilitator, especially to the students that are struggling with this concept. 

Independent Practice (YOU DO):

·        After reading Chapter 15, students are going to write a letter to the rest of the Tillings family.  They are going to imagine they are Despereaux down in the dungeon.  Students will describe how they feel, what they wish would happen, and say what they are going to do to get out of the situation they are in.


**Remember to continue the detail/main idea sheets for the classroom and folder timelines**

Homework:   Finish letter at home.


·        DO NOW Sheet (see attached)

·        Classwork  Sheet (see attached)

·        Indep. Practice Sheet (see attached)

Lesson Resources

Lesson 5 DO NOW   Starter / Do Now
Lesson 5 Classwork   Classwork
Lesson 5 Letter HMWK   Homework


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