Lesson: 5 Great Ways to Earn Free Bitcoin

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Lesson Objective

5 Great Ways to Earn Free Bitcoin

Lesson Plan

Looking for free bitcoin?

You might be surprised to know there are many ways to get bitcoin for free!  

Here are 5 ways to get free bitcoin, if you are not interested in trading it:

1. Participating in different surveys – a popular way of getting bitcoin:

Participating in surveys, answering questions and review’s for various organizations

The reason for that is to assist organizations with gathering important business data. If you are online anyway a substantial part of your time, joining an online platform for surveys can be a good idea to make some money during your online ongoing activities!

Some of the platforms that offers the online surveys option, such as “survey Junkey”, “Opinion Outpost” and others, will reward you with gift cards and not with real money or bitcoin.

There are other platforms as well.

“Timebucks” for example will pay you genuine bitcoin and not gift cards as the other companies offering these jobs.

They will let you choose your preferred way of payout, so it does not have to be bitcoin only, you can get paid with other currency as well.

Doing different daily activities online is another possible way to earn bitcoin:

You can choose from a long list of various activities such as: You can install apps, watch videos, follow Instagram influencers, participate in surveys and polls and many others.

There are many websites and platforms offering these activities, so you can check which of these sites offer bitcoins as an optional payout and register.

Since you are online anyway, why not make money out of it?

2. You can register to a bitcoin platform and earn interest over your bitcoin.

Do you have bitcoin already?

If the answer is positive, and in case you are not actively trading with your cryptocurrency, did you know that you can earn interest for your bitcoin?

This is the way to do that:

  1. Open an interest account on BlockFi.
  2. Move your bitcoin there, no minimum sum required
  3. Earn 6% annual interest for the bitcoin in your account.
  4. Let it stay in the account, or get paid whenever you want (monthly)

3. Mining bitcoin using free bitcoin mining pools:

You might be interested in mining bitcoin.

While in the past bitcoin miners were mining bitcoin alone, today there are many mining pools, where miners join their mining resources to mine together and split the income.

This is what you need to do:

First you will need to get the mining equipment.

That includes:

  1. Opening a bitcoin wallet
  2. Purchasing mining hardware
  3. Purchasing mining software.
  4. Next step is to join a mining pool.

Some of the pools are free, some require fees.

In case you decide to be a free bitcoin miner, we recommend that you check carefully, as there are a lot of scams out there.

You might want to check in forums and chats, read reviews, talk to active users and join a reliable mining pool.

Here you can explore cryptocurrency mining opportunities in www.freemininghub.com


4. Earn free bitcoin by joining affiliate marketing programs.

If you have websites with traffic, you can increase your earning potential by joining one of the affiliate marketing programs online.

By joining such a program, you will be able to offer your website traffic products and services of other vendors.

This will require you to get a special URL that will identify your website as the traffic source.

Some of these vendors will pay you in bitcoin, therefore this is a great way to get bitcoin effortless, by leveraging your fan base. 

5. Applications that reward users for using them:

This is another interesting way to earn free bitcoin.

Examples for apps that pay bitcoin:

ü  Outsider Run:

This is a versatile game, accessible for both Android and iOS, paying bitcoin.


An app for Android and iOS. You can use this app to earn money from surveys, watching videos and more.


An Android only App. In this App You can earn bitcoin by playing games and unlocking quotes.


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