Lesson: Main Idea 1

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Lesson Objective

Students will be able to use the details in the story to identify the main idea of the chapter.

Lesson Plan

Objective:  Students will be able to use the details in the story to identify the main idea of the chapter.
Lesson Plan: 


Do Now (5-7 minutes):  A lot has already happened in our story so far.  Write a couple sentences about how you think Despereaux is feeling, how would you feel if you were in the same situation?  Write 5-6 sentences (put this in your Despereaux folder).  (making connections)

Opening (5 minutes):  Yesterday, we did a lot of looking at and identifying the details in our story, “The Tale of Despereaux”.  Today what I want to focus on is taking those details and analyzing them in order to come up with the main idea for the chapter. 

The reason we want to do this, is because good readers are able to do this without all the work we did yesterday.  I want you to be able to do this automatically when you read.  After each chapter you should be able to think critically about what just happened in order to further your understanding of the story.


Direct Instruction (I DO):  Let’s take a look at Chapter 6 and I’ll show you what I mean. 

·       Have a discussion about what happened in Chapter 6 and highlight the details that were recorded on their sheets.

·       Explain how you need to think about those details in order to come up with your main idea.

o   “As I am looking at these details I need to think to myself, “How can they be put together to tell somebody what is happening in this chapter?”

·       The details in this chapter include:  Despereaux’s mom and dad are upset about Desp. not being a proper mouse; Lester (dad) blames his French blood for Desp. being this way; Lester decides that a special mouse counsil meeting needs to be called in order for Despereaux to be punished for his actions; Lester beats the drum that calls the tribunal together to discuss Despereaux.

·       Now I need to come up with one or two sentences to tell someone what went on in the chapter.

·       Write a long-winded main idea to show what not to do.

·       “I don’t think that this is really getting to the point of the whole chapter, I need to go back and really focus on what the chapter was about.”

·       I think the main idea in Chapter 6 was that:  “Despereaux’s dad was really upset about Despereaux’s actions and now it is time to take some action.  He is calling a mouse council to punish Despereaux.”

·       See how short and to the point this main idea is?

·       I would like you to record this main idea on your sheet for chapter 6.

·       Now let’s try one together.

Guided Practice (WE DO):

·       Read through Chapter 7 and go through the same process as above.

o   What are the details?

o   If we had only 30 seconds to tell someone what happened in this chapter, how would be tell them??

·       **  Some students may have a hard time with this, have them draw a picture and then describe what is going on in the picture (this maybe something to try for homework.**

·       Students and teacher should come up with something like this:  “While Lester (Dad) is calling the special mouse council, Despereaux in a room with Princess Pea and the king listening to music and falling in love with Pea.  He thinks of her as the Princess in the book he was reading.” (this should be recorded in their sheets for chapter 7 and put in folder)


Independent Practice (YOU DO) (15 minutes):  Students should read chapter 8 and come up with the main idea in 1-2 sentences. 

Assessment:  Chapter 6 main idea.

Homework:  Hand out a T-chart to the students.  After reading chapters 9 and 10 have them complete the T-Chart to analyze the difference in perception that the other mice have about Despereaux and how Despereaux actually is.  Should he be punished because of his actions? (see attaches file).  How should he be punished??


·       Detail/Main Idea page

·       Homework sheet

·       Chapter 6, 7, 8 sheets for students

Lesson Resources

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