Lesson: What Hair Growth Treatment Is Suitable For You? Find Out What Is A Hair Transplant And A PRP Hair Treatment?

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Lesson Objective

What Hair Growth Treatment Is Suitable For You? Find Out What Is A Hair Transplant And A PRP Hair Treatment?

Lesson Plan

Do you want to know about the type of hair treatment options available? What is suitable for you? Should you go with the hair transplant procedure or is PRP hair treatment? If you want to know the answer to these questions, then you should first understand both of these procedures. Only then you can decide which treatment is better suited for you. So, if you want to know more than keep on reading as this article aims to guide the people about the hair transplant and PRP and how do they differ from each other. For instance, the PRP hair treatment cost in Pakistan will be different from the cost of a hair transplant.

  1. Hair transplant procedure: A hair transplant procedure is used to treat the hair loss and baldness issue faced by the people. It is a surgical procedure in which the hair follicles of the side with hairs are transplanted on the side with no hairs. It is quite popular. It is a perfect solution for those people that want a permanent solution for their hair loss issue.

Key points of hair transplant:

  • It can be done in one day.
  • It doesn’t require much maintenance.
  • A permanent solution for hair loss.
  • It is a surgical procedure.
  •  A hair transplant procedure doesn’t leave scars.
  • A proven method for hair growth.

When hair transplant is required?

A  hair transplant procedure is perfect for those people who have thin hairs and bald patterns on their scalp. People with certain medical conditions and weak donor hair follicles are not fit for a hair transplant procedure. Because strong hair follicles are used in the hair transplant procedure.

  1.  PRP hair treatment:  A PRP on the other hand is a relatively new method as compared to the hair transplant. It is a non-surgical method so, it is perfect for those who are looking for a non-surgical method for hair growth. In this method, blood taken from different parts of the body is injected into the area that requires hair growth. The cost of the treatment depends upon where you live. For instance, Lahore has a great many options if you looking for PRP hair treatment. Just type PRP hair treatment in Lahore in Google search bar.

Key points of PRP hair treatment

  •  It is a non-surgical method.
  • It is done in three steps.
  • It requires many sessions with the doctor.
  • It is not yet proven that this method initiates hair growth.
  • It requires special maintenance.

When should you go with the PRP hair treatment?

A PRP hair treatment is a suitable option for those people that can’t have a hair transplant procedure. It is also suitable for those who are not a fan of surgical procedures. A PRP hair treatment is effective for people who have thin hairs but not for those who have pattern baldness.

Is PRP hair treatment better than hair transplant?

PRP hair treatment is not necessarily better than a hair transplant. Both produce great results but the requirement for both is certainly not the same. For instance, a perfect candidate for PRP hair treatment may not be perfect for a hair transplant. Both treatments have different requirements.

Both of the treatments are not better than one another. It depends on the hair of the person. Those who have thin hair are perfect candidates for PRP hair treatment but those who have bald spots are not suitable for PRP. On the other hand, people with complete baldness are perfect candidates for hair transplants. So, there is no comparison between the two hair treatments. Both have different features that separate them.

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