Lesson: Properties lesson 8

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Lesson Objective

Differentiated work toward mastery of standards.

Lesson Plan

Edward Brooke Charter School


I.                   Curriculum Standards



ü Count by 100 and 1000, starting at any number to a million. [M.1.2.b]

ü Count by 3 to 30 and 4 to 40, starting at any multiple of 3 or 4.   [M.1.2.a]

ü Define multiplication as repeated addition. [M.11.2.a]

ü Explain the connection between multiplication and skip counting. [M.11.2.b]

ü Create arrays as models of repeated addition.  [M.11.2.c]





II.                    The Point



                        Differentiated work toward mastery of Month 10 standards.





 III.                Materials Needed



Copies of Math Workout 2.10.8

Materials will vary based on centers activities





IV.                 Lesson Outline


Time:  45 Minutes (Wednesday Schedule)



            15 min. – Mental Math/ Counting

            30 min. – Math Centers/ Math Workout










  V.             Learning Activities



1.   Mental Math/ Counting/ Fact Power (15 min.)


                        Plan work on mental math strategies, counting standards, and Fact                              Power based on student needs.





2.  Math Centers / Math Workout (30 min.)


Some possible activities for students to work on in centers:


ü              All students complete Math Workout 2.10.8.


ü              Students work on Lifework or Math Workout corrections.


ü   Pose multiplication problems to students that they can easily solve by skip counting.  (x1, x2, x3, x4, x5, x10, and x25. They will be able to solve x2 facts through 30!


ü   There is a packet of multiplication worksheets with the 2.10.3 masters. 


          The pictures of children on amusement park rides can be used             to tell multiplication number stories.


          The ferris wheel has 6 cars.  There are 3 children in each                    car.  How many kids are on the ferris wheel? 


                      3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18.   Write: 6 x 3 = 18


          The teacup ride does not have equally groups so we                              cannot use multiplication exclusively to find the total                          number of kids on that ride.


ü   Feel free to use these throughout Month 10 as center work, intervention resources, Lifework, Math Messages, or in       any other way.


ü   Use 2.10 Grid Paper for students to practice drawing arrays of specifies dimensions or to represent problems posed.





Lesson Resources



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