Lesson: What is Link Building and why is it important?

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With the internet changing how we approach sharing, or sourcing for information, there are many new things to consider. For you as either an expert or a newcomer, SEO is one of those things you need to consider to build a successful business or site. SEO means Search Engine Optimization, and it is the set of techniques that optimize your content or website for search. When people search for something related to the information you offer, they’d find you. 

However, there are numerous persons and businesses using SEO. It makes things harder, but there is always a way around, to help you rank higher on SERPs. One of such ways adequate and efficient link building. Link building has risen to be one of the most important SEO techniques, and it needs to be done effectively if you are going to rank higher than you competition. 

To scale the exposure of your website and content, you need to pay more attention to link building. This level of importance is bound to persist, and nothing will change that anytime soon. In this guide, we take a look at what it is and what makes it so important. 


What is Link Building? 

It is simply the process of getting hyperlinks from other websites to direct to yours. The link is embedded in contents such that when users or readers click on the particular hyperlinked text, it directs to your website. This makes it a really important aspect of SEO, as search engines have crawlers that access all pages to index everything contained therein. 

As simple as this may sound, experts say it is one of the hardest part of the job. Link building isn’t just about linking from one website to another. It’s important to get quality backlinks. Hence, if you are looking to build links for your website, don’t just get any backlink. Be sure of the quality of the link you are getting. 


What makes Link building Important? 

There are several specific reasons why you need to build backlinks. Though all these point in the direction of getting more traffic to your website or web-store. 

  • To help search engine discover your page and rank higher

Whenever a new page is created online, Google web crawlers go through the pages, in what is called ‘indexing.’ The data gotten from the new page is stored in Google’s database, and makes it available when a user searches for related content. Hence, it’s important to have your link in as many websites as possible; this tells the Google crawler that your page is credible. The more places the crawler finds your link, the more credible it marks your website, and the more traffic iit directs to your website by showing your page on its first pages. 

  • You meet new people

As a business person, you cannot have too many contacts. You need to meet new persons and link building helps with that. Building quality links involves you interacting with others in your industry. Hence, you get to meet more people/website owners with similar interests. 

  • It builds your brand

When top websites link to your website, it helps with your branding. This is because the linking portrays you as authority. Hence, it brands you before customers of your industry, and even search engines. 


Final take 

Your SEO campaign is not complete if you don’t build quality backlinks. Of course, there are people you can meet to generate backlinks, simply make sure it’s from a trusted source. You should focus on the quality of your content, as people would surely reference your content organically if it’s good enough. 

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