Lesson: How To Start Guest Blogging?

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Guest blogging is one of the best ways to seek the attention of the audience and to show your abilities. It is a very simple idea to show your writing abilities on the other online publications. You must know about how to start the guest blogging to get the maximum advantage. Some of the tactics on how to start guest blogging are given below:

Adopt the authoritarian approach 

Whenever you enter into the field and interact with your audience, always try to be an authority. You must use some technical networking courses in your niche. This sounds like you know all the information about what you’re doing. When you get to know all the information about the topic, then you stand away from the crowd and are prominent in the field. 

Buildup your portfolio

It is advised to use online blogging platforms that are free of cost. Another thing that you can do is simply post your blog on the already present blogging platform. These steps will help you greatly that you must use before approaching the editors to publish your content. 

This way, your work will get a response from the readers. You have to pay a little work hard to get more and more followers. 

Look for the targeted sites

Now it is time to move a step further. After publishing your blogs, now it is time to look for high-quality publications and to contribute to it. 

Some of the strong guest blogging networks include the Huffington Post and Forbes. But it is not a piece of cake for the beginners to deal with these top-ranked networks. So you have to work gradually and start with a less-known guest blogging network. Then finally, you’ll be able to be a part of top-ranked networks too soon. 

Ideas presentation to the editors

It is required by the editors to approach them via email and get to know them about your ideas. It is highly recommended to get complete information about how to approach them in the right way. So you just have to see the guidelines on the submission sites, review all the popular titles, and get to know maximum about the editor’s writing style and publications. 

It’s better to convey your message in short and clear words. Get them to know about your ideas along with your portfolio and personal blogs. 

Post creation

Now finally, it is the time to create the post, and you must take great care to follow all the provided guidelines and formatting. The perfect formatting can be achieved by following the given points:

  • Add bulleted points
  • Add a list of numbers
  • Make brief paragraphs
  • Do proper line spacing
  • Use proper pictures in your content

Share your post

After accepting your post, now it is the time to promote your blog on different social media platforms. You have to reply to all the comments of the audience respectfully. Also, thank them for their precious comments and shares. Do not forget that the photo must be optimized for social networks according to their requirements. To do this, use the services of freelance retouchers or a professional service of photo processing.

In the end, you will notice reasonable progress in the traffic. But it will take some time because nothing happens overnight. Keep patience and be constant in your hard work, and you will expand your guest blogging network. 

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