Lesson: How do I sell my car in Brisbane?

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Lesson Objective

How do I sell my car in Brisbane?

Lesson Plan

You need to complete the process before selling a car in Brisbane. There are many quick service providers related to old car selling and you can go with Fast Car Removals for amazing service.

The front license plates are usually broken or scratched by parking against the wall, they also get dirty with mosquitoes ... For just over 12 euros you can put a new plate that completely changes the look of the car.

Broken wheel caps or tulips also make a bad impression. In a junkyard, you can get them in good condition for a very interesting price and the appearance will improve a lot.

Engine: clean or not?

Do not turn off the thruster at any time and leave it running with the hood open to dry itself. If you connect the air conditioning to operate the electric fan, it will be ready in just 5 minutes.

That the basics work perfectly

Many times we get rid of the car because it has a fault that we do not want to repair, and therefore we offer it at a better price. However, details like a burnt-out light or incorrect tire pressure are no excuse.

If the day the buyer comes to see the vehicle we have not been careful to check the battery, the lights or if there is a flat tire, we can ruin the sale. Refuel a little, the reserve light on makes a very bad impression. It is not necessary to fill it more than 1/4 of the tank, but that the reserve light does not come on.

Save the invoices

One thing that makes a very good impression and that adds value to the car is keeping a maintenance record. In addition to the periodic inspection book of the vehicle, it is good to save the invoices for repairs, changing wheels, etc; That will show that the kilometers are real and that we have been meticulous with maintenance.

Sincere when selling the car

It is important to be sincere and honest when asking us for car details. If they call us and we say that it is impeccable and the wheels are half used, it must be true; Otherwise, when the buyer stays with us and sees that the tires will barely last 4,000 km, that the corners are scuffed, or that the rims have curb marks… they will be discouraged and will leave without the vehicle. We must be realistic when describing the condition of our car. If we have repaired blows, it must also be said. A new fin and headlight are nothing serious, but if we deny having had a mishap and the buyer sees remnants of glass in the trunk, they will think we are trying to cover up a serious accident.

The car is not a garbage

Remove everything that is not "yours" from the car. There should be nothing in the trunk except the jack, the spare wheel, the tools to change it, and the triangles. The remains of cardboard umbrellas, boxes, advertising letters, an old blanket, bags ... give a bad image.

Punctuality and word with the possible buyer of your car

The day you go to show the car, it is important to comply with the agreed agreement. Again, the first impression is important. If we have a meeting at 10.00, we must be there at least five minutes before, even if then it is the buyer who is late. We must start complying, it is essential to create trust between us.

In addition to the economic benefit (in my case and without this being binding I got 1,000 AUS more than what I could have earned with direct sales), the great advantage that they offers with its Sales Management is comfort.

Once you sign the contract and deliver the car, you forget everything. 

To give you an idea: the operation is similar to that of a real estate agency that undertakes to sell your apartment. The company takes the photos and any advertisements on the main buying and selling websites in the country. It is also in charge of managing the offers, receiving visits, and solving the doubts of potential buyers. In fact, there is no relationship between the owner and the final buyer.

From the moment you sign the 'Reservation and Sale Commitment' contract, everything that happens to the car is they responsibility. They even insure the vehicle, so it is advisable to stop your policy so that time does not continue to run and lower the budget while the car is not in your possession.

Once a buyer has been obtained, they are also the ones who take care of the paperwork and are even responsible for the guarantee that, by law, they have to offer the new owner.

Who decides sale?

Now, the fact that it is the sales company that manages all the actions does not mean that it is the one who makes the decisions.

As established in the contract, any price modification must be previously accepted by the client. Nor will the purchase be closed until the owner of the car gives his approval.

When there is a buyer and the owner agrees, it only remains to stop by the headquarters to sign the sale. In less than two days, the money will be in your account. 


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