Lesson: What Are Bubblers and Why You Use Them?

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It is not a hidden secret anymore that bubblers are best for smoking dry herbs. They help in diffusing smoke providing great flavors and a smooth rip. Bubblers are interesting ways of smoking cannabis. It is a kind of water pipe falling into the famous category of the widely utilized bong. Bubblers have a bowl along with a mouthpiece, stem, and chamber for holding water for the smoke to travel.

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What are the bubblers?

Some bubblers come with a percolator, which is like an additional water chamber for assisting in the cooling process. It can be termed as a hybrid between bong and pipe. They are smaller, sometimes with carb holes for easier cleaning of smoke. Bubbler glass pipes are sized conveniently.

For smokers loving the bong hit, it is a whole new world of adventure for them. Take the comfort of a bong in a bubbler wherever you go. If you are tired of the water filtration, empty the water and the bubble gas pipe starts functioning as a normal water bowl.

Why do people use bubblers?

One main reason for using bubblers is that it acts as a middle ground between bongs and pipes. These are portable devices that can be carried discreetly without causing a disturbance. These are quite delicate required to be handled with care. Bubblers are ornamental aesthetics and are effective for firing some weeds and getting high.

Some models are so stunning that you will feel like purchasing them immediately. That gorgeously crafted bubbler or pipe for smoking weed is such a masterpiece on the table. Bubblers help to vape comfortably.

Types of bubblers

There are so many types of bubblers with different tweaks and creaks in all of them. Hammer bubblers are known to have chambers with flat bottoms helping them to be placed on surfaces easily. Pendant bubblers are of more creative design with a thread for adorning it like a piece of jewelry.

It acts as a jewelry and also a cannabis smoking device perfect for musical nights and bonfire nights. Double bubblers have some smooth hits having two chambers holding individual percolators. The smoke coming out of the bubbler is cool and at the same time, silky smooth.

Sherlock bubblers are similar to Sherlock pipes having the same distinctive designs. Some many designs and shapes will be appealing to you.

Many occasions for smoking bubblers

Think of the many times you smoked inside a glass bowl wishing for your bong to be present. Bubbler is made for giving the best of both worlds. As it is small and portable, you can smoke cannabis anytime you want like before an event, going to a friend's house, or even on vacation.


Bubblers are awesome for making the most out of vaporizers. It cools or hydrates the vapor making it smooth.

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