Lesson: Place Value:Expanded Notation: Lesson 3

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Lesson Objective

Student will practice expanded notation. Teacher will differentiate centers to practice skills toward standard mastery. (see attached worksheets)

Lesson Plan

Lessons by Edward Brooke Charter School:

I.          Curriculum Standards


ü Count by 3 to 30 and 4 to 40, starting at any multiple of 3 or 4.   [M.1.2.a]

ü  Count by 100 and 1000, starting at any number to a million. [M.1.2.b]

ü  Identify place value of digits up to a million. [M.2.2.a]

ü  Write numbers in basic expanded form (e.g., 6091 = 6000 + 90 + 1). [M.2.2.b]

ü  Demonstrates an understanding of the values of digits up to a million (e.g., that in 21,054, the 1 represents 1,000). [M.2.2.c]

ü  Name and write, in numerals and words, whole numbers to 10,000. [M.3.2]




II.         The Point


            Differentiated work toward mastery of Month 5 standards.





III.        Materials Needed


Copies of Math Workout 2.5.3

Materials will vary based on centers activities





IV.       Lesson Outline


            Time:  45 Minutes (Wednesday Schedule)


            10 min. – Math Message

            30 min. – Math Centers/ Math Workout

              5 min. – Summary









V.        Learning Activities



1.    Math Message (10 min.)


                   On your slate, write these numbers in expanded form.






                   Go over answers together.



            2.  Math Centers / Math Workout (30 min.)


Some possible activities for students to work on in centers:


ü  All students complete Math Workout 2.5.3.


ü Students work on 2.5.3 worksheets (A, B, C) as needed.


ü Students work between expressing 2 and 3 digit numbers with blocks, with expanded notation, on place value mats with numerals and blocks, in standard notation.


ü Students practice showing numbers in various ways.(23 can be 2 tens and 3 ones or 1 ten and 13 ones.)


ü Students practice counting patterns (+3 and +100).


ü Students play a time-telling game introduced in Month 4.


ü  Students practice estimating and measuring the lengths of line segments to the nearest cm and inch.


ü  Students work to directly compare the capacity of various containers.


ü  Students find the perimeter of various shapes either by measuring, using grid paper, or adding numbers on labeled diagrams.


ü  Students find the area of rectangles drawn on grid paper.




ü  Students identify what unit they would use to measure various things.


ü  Students practice completing addition and subtraction number sentences.  (First Grade Fact Power remediation)


ü   Students draw and count lines of symmetry on shapes.


ü  Students practice counting patterns.


ü  Students practice counting money.


ü  Practice sorting/ identifying 3-D shapes or 2-D shapes.


ü  Students use 2-way mirrors to draw reflections of pictures.


ü  Use geometry templates to draw, label, and count sides and corners on polygons.


ü  Sort 3 dimensional blocks/ objects, polygon pattern blocks, attribute blocks, shapes on paper, and power polygons.


ü  Students practice counting or writing numbers on slates with teacher guidance.


Lesson Resources

3.1.3 Worksheet B.doc  
3.1.3 Worksheet C.doc  
3.1.3 Worksheet A.doc  


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