Lesson: What a Perfect Real Estate Closing Gift Looks Like?

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Lesson Objective

What a Perfect Real Estate Closing Gift Looks Like?

Lesson Plan

You have spent a long time with your clients. They were expecting a beneficial deal and you helped them in closing on it. The client has bought/sold the property and you made a good profit. Is it the end of your professional relationship with the client? No, it is not the end. Make it the beginning of a strong bond.

Get memorable real estate closing gifts for your clients if you wish to be their favourite realtor. The client might meet many other people willing to buy or sell properties. They will recommend your support if they feel valued.

Best real estate closing gifts make the clients feel valued. They never forget you for the support and the gift. The bond gets stronger if you pick something outstanding and precious for the client. Continue reading to reveal what it looks like.

It should be something thoughtful:

You are not buying a present for the first time. You have been sharing gifts since your childhood. Think of something you share with your friends or family members on occasions like anniversary, birthday, or holidays. One of those common gifts won’t make a lasting impression on your client.

Be a bit creative in your approach and put some thoughts in the gift. Think of something your client may need, but he won’t buy due to its value or other reasons. It can be the latest Bonnage Signature Gentleman or The Entertainer from the same brand.

Such luxury gifts immediately force the clients to say thank you. They admire your choice and also the thoughts you put into the gifts. Such valuable and artistic gifts are built to last forever. Your client would preserve a thoughtful gift for many years. It will be a souvenir of your impeccable service for the client.

Say no to gift cards:

You should not present gift cards as real estate closing gifts. Most of the clients use it and forget the efforts you put into the entire buying/selling process. A gift card to the city’s renowned home décor store would definitely work. Do not present a local restaurant’s gift card because it would provide a moderate discount and mothering.

You should always focus on valuable stuff when it comes to choosing the best real estate closing gifts. Avoid common things to look common. Pick unique gifts to be a memorable realtor for your client.

Consider some latest gadgets:

Although the latest smartphone model would be an amazing choice, invest in smart home technologies. A new homeowner thinks about getting smart home gadgets, but the recent purchase prevents him from spending more money on unimportant things.

Smart home gadgets like an AI home assistant can be quite valuable for any client. You should also look for other options in these smart gadgets to pick the best product in the budget. The client would keep it for many years until he decides to switch to a newer variant of the product.

People share gifts only if they value your presence in their lives. You have to make it feel to your clients. Therefore, focus on the luxury real estate closing gifts and not on its value.

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