Lesson: Handy Explains Things to Consider When Using A Microchip Dog Door

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Handy Explains Things to Consider When Using A Microchip Dog Door

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Most pets don’t want to stay indoors at all times, and it can become a hassle to repeatedly get up and open the door for them. According to Handy, an electronic pet door is much better than a traditional revolving door for your pet. They automatically seal properly to keep heat, cold, and intruders from getting inside your home and are very efficient at their job. Additionally, an electric door only opens when the microchip worn by your pet triggers it which keeps the whole process safe.

The Considerations

Here are a few things to consider when using a microchip dog door:

1. The Sensing system - It is better to purchase an electric door with a directional sensor so that it only opens when your dog is walking towards it. Otherwise, the sensor can be triggered by the microchip whenever your pet dog is near it, which can become irritating. If you have multiple pets, make sure that the sensor has the memory capacity to identify several microchips.

2. Size of the opening - Before selecting a microchip door, make sure that the size of its opening is compatible with your pet dog. Use the largest pet as the benchmark if you own multiple pets. To help people choose the correct size, the doors generally come with size guidelines. You can look at those or measure your dog from across the shoulder and from bottom to their head height to be sure.

3. Access control - Electric doors that come with many programmable setting options are much more convenient. For instance, you would be able to access them with remote control, schedule it for opening at a certain time of the day, and even put it in ‘locked’ mode to prevent your dog from getting out during a thunderstorm.

4. Installation - Electronic doors that come with a template taped to the exterior door or wall space and good guidelines to make the installation process easy are recommended. Otherwise, you may have to hire a professional which would cost extra money.

5.  Monitoring features - Electronic doors that come with a monitoring feature allows the user to track when their pets go out and come back inside. This allows the user to create a better schedule for their pets and record the activities of their pets.

6. Quality of the product - It is better to choose a stainless-steel door instead of plastic ones as they are more durable. The appearance matters a lot too and it is better if it makes as little noise as possible when opening and closing. To get the best energy efficiency, it must come with a gasket seal (airtight seal). It must automatically secure itself properly to prevent forceful-entering and for security.


Handy believes that you should also invest in an outdoor physical barrier in your property in addition to purchasing a microchip dog door to offer the best security to your pets when they are not inside the house. Otherwise, they may get attacked by stray animals outside.

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