Lesson: Advanced Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Course

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Lesson Objective

Advanced Emotional Intelligence

Lesson Plan

The most recent development in the field of psychology, especially in regards to advanced emotional intelligence, is the Emotional Intelligence Course. This is a course designed by John Grinder and is an eight week program designed to teach students how to recognize emotional patterns in their clients. It also teaches students how to spot them before they become destructive and how to avoid them altogether.

This advanced emotional intelligence course comes complete with a workbook and is geared toward college students as well as those who want to move into this field. It is not designed for someone who already has some experience in the area. Instead it is designed for those who are either beginning their training or for people who want to expand their knowledge but not necessarily go to graduate school for the same. Most of the people taking the ECE course have never taken a Psychology class before.

Some of the topics that are covered in the ECE course include: recognizing the signs of emotional problems, assessing the client's emotional needs and reactions, understanding emotional memory, and recognizing the triggers. There are also many more sub-topics that are covered including social skills, communication, and personality development. The course will have you study different psychological theories including; social learning theory, cognitive restructuring, evolutionary psychology, and multiculturalism. You will also be taught about the different types of emotions such as excitement, anger, fear, sadness, and joy.

In order to take the ECE course, you must have a high school diploma, although many people with diplomas can take the course. If you do not have a high school diploma, you may qualify for an IELTS score instead. In addition to taking the ECE course, students must complete an internship in an environment where you interact with students and one that work closely with therapists who are experienced in dealing with the types of emotions that are covered in the ECE course.

The ECE course is not as advanced as some other programs. In fact, it is a basic introduction to emotional intelligence and what it can mean to those who are interested in pursuing a career in this field. The class is broken up into eight weeks. In the first week, you will learn the different types of emotions and how to identify them and how to handle them in order to help the client. In week two, you will learn how to understand emotional memory and how to get past emotional obstacles that may hinder the process of healing.

During the third week, you will learn how to recognize a traumatic event from a memory of the past and how to cope with it. During the fourth week, you will learn about self-awareness, and self-esteem, and how to use the past experiences in order to be aware of who you are. and what is important to you. During the fifth week, you will learn how to recognize negative habits and the negative beliefs about yourself that will lead to depression, anxiety, and other destructive emotions.

In the last two weeks, you will get an overview of how to apply these concepts in your life in order to help those around you and yourself. At the end of the six week, you will learn about creating a plan and finding effective ways to help others. In this last week, you will finish the course with a final exam and an outline of what you learned and what you are going to do in order to find personal happiness and fulfillment.

The main benefit that the ECE course offers is that it is very easy to understand and implement into your life. Because it is aimed at those who are just starting out, you will not be wasting time with complicated theories and complicated terms.

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