Lesson: Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Tutorial

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Lesson Objective

to improve cognitive abilities

Lesson Plan

The Emotional Intelligence (EQ), or personality intelligence, has become very popular in recent years. It has also been called "The new intelligence". The use of the term "IQ" dates back at the 1950s. In those days, many psychologists felt that it was too vague to be used in studies, so it was changed to the more common terms such as verbal and visuo-spatial intelligence.

Today, researchers have identified and begun studying the specific areas of the brain and emotional intelligence, or EI, as a whole. This type of intelligence can be measured with a variety of different types of tests. The three main tools used to measure EI are cognitive restructuring, non verbal communication and nonverbal response patterns. The five tools outlined in the Emotional Intelligence (EQ} tutorial are nonverbal communication, self-monitoring, cognitive restructuring and exposure to situations.

Cognitive restructuring is used to teach and train individuals to improve their cognitive abilities. This involves changing beliefs and behaviors to gain new and improved strategies for problem solving. For instance, a student who is being evaluated on their cognitive abilities may come up with new and creative answers to questions about what they did at school on a particular day. This student may believe that it was an excellent day, but he or she does not know how to describe the day's events to other people in a clear and concise manner. Cognitive restructuring can be used with a variety of other learning tools to help students improve their performance in school, at work and in social situations. By changing beliefs and behaviors, the student may be able to change his or her behavior and become more successful.

Nonverbal communication involves expressing one's thoughts, feelings and emotions through words and nonverbal communications. Nonverbal communication is a powerful way to express emotions. The ability to communicate verbally and non verbally is also important for career development, especially in the work place.

The third tool that is used to assess EI is nonverbal response patterns. This includes the number of times that an individual uses one or more methods of communicating with another person or group, and the length of time that they use the same method.

Exposure to situations is a way to observe an individual's behavior and reactions to real life situations, as well as to the environment surrounding them. Many times the behaviors of individuals are the result of their responses to these situations.

By utilizing the tools that have been outlined in the Emotional Intelligence tutorial, many individuals can learn how to become better at communicating their thoughts and feelings to others. They can also use these tools to help themselves learn new and improved ways of coping with situations and problems. This type of knowledge can benefit every aspect of their lives.

The Emotional Intelligence tutorial can give individual's insight into how to enhance their personal and professional lives. By using the knowledge that the Emotional Intelligence tutorial provides, individuals can help make their skills in each area of their lives better. This knowledge may increase the level of their job performance and bring about positive changes in their emotional intelligence.

When people learn how to use the Emotional Intelligence tutorial to its fullest potential, they can help improve their job performance and personal relationships in their work and personal lives. People who use this information to improve their skills in each area of their lives are able to create and achieve the success that they have always dreamed of. The Emotional Intelligence tutorial is designed to assist individuals to realize their full potential in all areas of their lives.

The Emotional Intelligence tutorial has been created to help individuals achieve their full potential. It has been developed by psychologists in order to help people realize that all areas of their lives can be improved with the use of the Emotional Intelligence tutorial. The Emotional Intelligence tutorial has been developed to assist individuals in their every area of life.

The Emotional Intelligence tutorial is designed to assist individuals in becoming better versions of themselves, while helping to create their future success. By using the knowledge that this tutorial has to its fullest potential, individuals can be better people and enjoy all aspects of their lives with greater efficiency and effectiveness. By using the information in this tutorial, individuals can become more successful in every aspect of their lives.

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