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Business level strategic plans are usually developed for a specific business unit and relate to a different product-demand area. They also involve evaluating the competitive position of the company strategic unit. The strategy is based on the general strategic plans of emphasis, differentiation, and cost management. Business level plans are normally developed by a team of consultants who specialize in these areas of strategic management.

Strategic planning is an essential component of the process of development of corporate strategy. The primary function of strategic planning is to define the strategic objectives of the organization. Strategic planning may also be referred to as planning for the future. It also includes a description of the organizational system. When this information is integrated with the results of research, it helps the organization to determine the best methods and procedures to achieve its goals.

Business planning must be completed on a regular basis. A business plan can be a guideline to help guide the organization in the development of its strategies. A plan is a written document that describes the strategies that should be implemented to achieve the organizational goals. This document is used to prepare the financial statements, establish the priorities of future plans, and outline the management structure. In some cases, the board of directors will use the plan to outline their expectations about the status of the corporation.

Strategic planning is an essential component of the corporate decision-making process. A business plan is a document that describes the strategies that must be implemented to achieve the goals of the organization. The purpose of a plan is to give direction to the planning process and provide a roadmap for achieving strategic goals. The objective of the plan is to guide the organization in the planning process and ensure that the decisions are in alignment with the strategic objectives.

Strategic planning may be divided into two basic groups. Planning that address the short term and intermediate term and planning that address the long term are considered part of the strategic planning process. These planning categories are called strategic planning at the enterprise, group, and division levels.

The planning of the corporate strategy occurs at the group, division, and project level. The group, division, and project-level plans are designed to create the basis for the decision-making process and the strategies that will support the goal set for the organization. Within the group, division, planning focuses on the functional requirements and processes. Within the project planning, strategic planning is used to define the activities that need to be undertaken, the time frame, the resources needed, and the risks associated with the activities. The planning of the group, division, and project level planning begins with the formulation of objectives statement. From this stage, planning becomes a complex task because it must evaluate the assumptions about the company's competitive positions, financial and other internal and external factors.

The first step in the development of strategic planning is a definition of the strategic objective of the organization. The strategic objectives of the organization are then determined and the strategic objectives for the project are identified. The next step is to establish the objectives for the business. The strategic objectives for the business are developed by evaluating competitive opportunities and establishing priorities.

The objectives of the management structure are established based on the analysis of the organization's competitive position. A plan to implement the strategic objectives is then developed for the organization. These objectives, which are the ultimate goals of the organization, are then used to plan and implement the overall strategic strategy. It is the business strategy that determines how the resources are going to be utilized and how the goals are to be achieved.

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