Lesson: business planning skills training

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Lesson Objective

planning skills

Lesson Plan

For the future of the region, business planning skills are a key ingredient. To offer Business planning education to targeted marginalised groups including IDPs and marginalised communities in Mogadishu to achieve significant social and economic development; impart relevant knowledge, attitude and skills in entrepreneurship and enhance family food security; and providing tools and systems to enhance communication and improve productivity, all by implementing community business plans; the African Union Mission in Kenya (AMISOM) has recently launched a comprehensive training programme for community leaders, businessmen and ordinary members of the community that will enable them to strengthen their community and develop a vision for the future.

The programme is funded by the African Development Bank (AfDB) and is part of the Africa Forward programme, which aims to make Africa's most fragile countries more resilient, competitive and prosperous by strengthening its economy, institutions and political stability through sustainable development. Community business plans should include the goals, strategies, activities, achievements and progress of the community as a whole, and the impact of the various activities on that overall achievement.

The programme is being conducted by an African-based non-profit organisation known as The African Business Plan Association (ABPA). It is a joint venture of the African Development Bank (AfDB) and the African Centre for International Trade and Development (Afcils).

It is an important initiative for a number of reasons: it builds the capacity of the community to plan, build, implement and sustain their own economies and improve livelihoods and access to resources. It provides an opportunity to develop a better understanding of the local market by learning the basic skills required to design and develop a sustainable local economy. It also offers opportunities to learn new skills, identify existing barriers and weaknesses, and develop new strategies that can be applied to future plans. Finally, it helps to create a sense of ownership in the community by encouraging the community to work together and collectively towards a common goal.

The programme will train around 400 community leaders from five Mogadishu district communities and will also teach them how to develop a comprehensive set of business plans that will be implemented in the district and beyond. This will include developing a national strategy, national policy and procedures, a strategic business plan and a business financing plan for their district.

This programme will not only give the Mogadishu District people access to quality Business Planning skills training but also empower them to build up their skills and knowledge of how to use these tools to enhance the economic development. in their communities and achieve greater overall development. The programme is designed for both entrepreneurs and ordinary members of the community with the hope that people who have not had access to such training in the past will now be able to take advantage of it.

The first course in the programme, Business Planning Training for Business Owners, is intended for those who want to start a new business. This course will introduce the participants to the fundamental concepts of Business Planning and how to apply them in a practical context in order to plan a new business. This includes understanding the dynamics of a country's economy, its growth prospects and its macroeconomic environment. The programme is organized by professionals from the community who will also help to understand the local culture of the district and give practical training on how to identify potential opportunities, how to develop the market, how to identify and evaluate risks and what to expect from customers and suppliers, how to establish contacts, how to deal with the local community and how to manage conflict.

The second course, Business Planning Skills Training for Community Business Leaders, introduces people to the concept of working together as a community and how they can achieve their goals and aspirations by working in teams. The programme will also focus on developing leadership and management skills for community business leaders in different aspects of running a business in a country. This includes identifying, assessing and eliminating barriers to success, understanding the different areas of the economy that need development, developing a long-term strategy and developing an effective national policy for the community.

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