Lesson: Critic of your Thinking Exercise

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Critic of your Thinking Exercise

Lesson Plan

The Critic of your Thinking Exercise can be the main source of your stress and tension. I know it is hard to believe but in reality many people have this problem. They believe that they are going crazy and need professional help. Well you don't need to let them put you into this situation because you can beat it yourself.

It's very easy to find out what a Critic is thinking. It is not so difficult to spot their opinion. If you feel like you have done something that might make you look silly, then take a second and figure out how you would react if you were judged by this person.

You might think you know what a Critic thinks but you really don't. So don't think you are being honest with yourself when you tell them what they think. It could be an excuse. Sometimes it's hard to believe what we think.

There is also no such thing as an actual Critic but just a person who is not happy with you for whatever reason. They are the ones who always complain about your mistakes and what you do or don't do.

The way you think about something affects the way you see things. This is something that many people forget but that is a major part of the way you look at life. If you think of something in the wrong way then you will never be able to see it from an objective point of view.

When you first start using this technique, try this saying the word thinking. Now say the word thing. Then say the word someone. Then say the word a negative word.

Now repeat this process for each negative thing that you come up with. The more you do this the less you are likely to hear the word. When you do hear the word it will sound like a slur or a curse word. As you start saying these things you will begin to notice that your mind starts working at full throttle. instead of your body just sitting there and doing nothing.

Your subconscious mind will be working at full speed trying to put a name to the thing you have heard. and seeing how you can work it all out. This is a very effective and fast way to beat the Critic of your thinking exercise.

One of the main reasons we have all this criticism around us is because we often think we are doing the right thing. We think we're doing something the right way. And this is something we're trying to do, so we criticize ourselves and others. However, the problem here is that our thoughts are actually controlling us and we do not realize that we're doing what we think we are doing.

This is when we have to take a step back and really look at what we are doing. and what we are saying to ourselves and others.

When you start to think about this, you will probably feel very better about what you are doing. and why you are doing it. Your mind will start to work in such a way that your words and actions will seem much clearer.

Instead of thinking you are going to do something the wrong way then your mind will actually start to do something the right way. The thing you are doing right now will seem easier to do. And you will start to believe that you are really doing it right. instead of thinking you are doing it wrong.

So do yourself a favor and start thinking this way. It is going to help you see things in a different way. and you will start to see how you are doing things the way you think they should be done. Instead of letting a Critic of your thinking exercise ruin your life.

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